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Reforging of a King

Aragorn reforged

Narsil will not be reforged and given to Aragorn until his identity has been recast. Aragorn must carry forward the symbols of his true identity and cast aside the wandering and shadowplay that marked Strider.

Above: detail of the tree of Gondor. The tree has a symbolic role in Aragornís personal identity.

Aragorn has taken the symbol of Gondor. The deeper significance is the symbolic aspect of the tree in Aragornís own reforged identity. This image of a tree has strong roots. The deep-rooted tree has given Aragorn his own grounding. The identity of Strider, wandering, rootless protector has gone. Aragorn now has an origin: he is rooted in Gondor. The prominence of the roots in the image emphasises that for Aragorn the future quest will mark a returning. There will be a return of the king to his ground.

From now Aragorn is filled with a vision. Aragorn sees his destiny now that it is worn on his arm and clearly displayed. Trees are symbols of connection between worlds. The white tree of Gondor worn by Aragorn shows a rite of passage has been made between the personal identity of Aragorn and his destined recognition as king. The white of the tree recalls a spiritual underpinning of the kingís true identity. Aragorn has come into the light of his future now that his identity has been solidified. Compare this to Strider who always seem aligned to shadow, a concealment of identity, and drawn to self-doubt.