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Listen to the Owl

I like to walk in the hills and fields
cos it helps to free my mind
and I climb up to the tree tops
and talk to the birds inside

There's this one owl that said to me
"You must look cos you will find
The things that were of use to you
should now be left behind"

I wont tell you all of it
cos theres things that just can't be
but the long, tall and short of it is
well, what CAN be WILL be

I like to walk by the rivers and streams
cos it makes me feel I'm free
I talk to myself on the riverbank
they think I'm in a dream

You'll see me ride my bike along
Down those foot paths of life
I found the way I want to live
and it's been there all this time

So take me to those rivers and streams
and to the hills and glens
I'll often wonder about how it was
Hmmmm, well, only now and then

So you say YOU want to live THIS life ?
Then listen to the owl
Take your possessions and throw them away
Not later, not tomorrow, but NOW !

Copyright © 2002 Steevo's World