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Starlit Pulse by Lucky
Sunday, 24 August 2003
The First Day of the Starlit Pulse!
OMG, I'm so psyched about this! I'm not very good at keeping journals, but this might be easier because I'm on the computer quite a bit. So, anyhoo, this is the blog for Starlit, my site, which is basically dedicated to movies and awesome celebrities. My favorites are Orlando Bloom and Dan Radcliffe (they're soooo hott!) and Julia Stiles (she's cool, introspective.) and Lindsay Lohan (really funny, I just saw Freaky Friday today and luv'd it!).Speaking of movies, I'm also psyched that LOTR TT comes out on vid and DVD in 2 short days! Very cool! I'm calling Blockbuster and reserving a copy tomorrow, and putting the DVD on my b-day list! So, any of you seen LOTR? How about Harry Potter? I'm just bloody mad about Harry Potter, the books are wicked! I've read each (except the 5th, which is being read for a fourth time) 11 times, and the movies rock, too!I guess you could say I'm an HP freak! LOL! But, OK, seriously now, I had my brows waxed a few days age, and snap did that hurt! It ripped some skin off, too, and I had the most glamorous little red lines. A lovely, violent red, too. Now, the marks are faded but there. Do they ever go away?!?!!!! School coming up on the second and all, I can't rightly go around looking like someone hit me sharply about with a rolling pin! Oh, well, they'll fade, or I'll start a new trend! LOL, and a bit of JK with that! Oh, yeah, I just read the diary of Anne Frank, excellent, has anyone else read it? The eloquence and easy talent with which she writes, her cheerfulness under the constant threat of imminent death... Anne's an inspiration, no doubt about it! Well, I should go and work on Starlit. My co-workers are out of town, though, so it'll be difficult. I'm the owner, though, so I can scrape something together! More than scrape, I promise you guys you'll luv it!
C ya tomorrow!

Posted by film/starlit at 6:40 PM EDT
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