The Skinnyboy Story

Skinnyboy Reviews was started three years ago as part of some kid's personal web page. Eventually, after writing more reviews than would fit on the small, personal page, the kid started a new page, one soley for his movie reviews. He called it "Fine Films", and it soon blossomed into a pretty interesting little site (at least, he thought so). Then the kid got a job, and entered his senior year of high school and, for one reason or another, just stopped writing reviews for a while. He was too busy, and for a while it looked like his little review page might disappear into the slimy, dark, confusing depths of the virtual abyss we like to call "The Internet". The kid never really forgot about his page, though; every time he would watch a movie he would think about how he would rate it, and what he would say about it if he were to write a review of it. But the site was too far-gone. After months of inactivity the people who were providing the kid with the free web space had given up on him, and his account had been cancelled. Which was fine, really, because he had forgotten his Username and Password anyway. The kid, with his busy schedule, didn't have time to try to retrieve all of his old reviews and rebuild the site.

Then one day, a fortunate thing happened that changed the course of Internet history as we know it. The kid quit his job, which had been getting to be pretty excruciating, and started taking a graphic design class during seventh period. As it happened, the graphic design class was pretty pointless, and a lot of time was spent basically just sitting around in front a computer with nothing to do. Which gave the kid an idea. He set to work and, after a few days, he had resurrected his site, making it bigger and better than ever before. Like a virtual phoenix, it had risen from the cyber ashes of a forgotten wasteland of movie review nothingness and soared into the pixilated sky of infinite possibility, the winds of fortune beneath it's wings whispering a new name: "Skinnyboy".

So it was that "Skinnyboy Film Reviews" was birthed, and continues to live on to this day. The kid still works on it when he has the time, trying to update it at least once a week. But that's not the end of the story quite yet... you see, the kid can't do this task alone. He needs your comments and your suggestions to keep the site new and fresh. Most of all, he needs you to tell all of your Internet Buddies about the site so that it can soar to even greater heights. Below you will see an e-mail address... use it now! Write about all your thoughts, passions and desires regarding Skinnyboy and send them! They will be most appreciated. Nay, they are necessary to the very survival of this site, and perhaps even the fate of Internet movie reviews as we know it! It's up to you! You have the power!