THE FACULTY(**)- I know a lot of people liked this movie, but I personally thought it sucked. It was basically a teenybopper flick. One of the main themes of the movie seemed to be "Drugs are good for you."
FALLING DOWN (***)-Micheal Douglas stars in this very weird movie about a normal, white collar worker who goes crazy in Los Angeles. A lot of very tense scenes, most of which don't lead up to anything. He does a good job as the main character (named "D-Fens" in the credits, but reffered to as "Bill" in the actual movie) but most of the other performances are rather unmemorable. The best part of the movie is the sound the woman in the resturant makes when she throws up. She sounds like a turkey! "Gobble gobble!". All in all, this is not a poorly made movie, but I still wouldn't want to see it again. Just kind of mediocre.
FARGO (****)-everyone kept telling me how great this movie was, so I figured I should see it. People had been calling it a "classic" and drawing comparisons to 'Pulp Fiction' left and right. So, I rented it. I sat down expecting something shocking, origional, and vastly entertaining. "This movie will be like nothing I've ever seen before!" I thought to myself. However, the actual movie wasn't that great. I mean, it wasn't bad or anything... it just didn't meet my expectations. I suppose I can't grade it down for something like that, but, I don't know. I thought it was kind of boring, really. Good acting and good directing, but just not all that exciting. to me anyway. Maybe I'm just weird. Check out the credits at the end... the guy who plays "Victim in the Field" has a really weird name. It's just this bizare symbol!
FEAR AND LOATHING IN LAS VEGAS (**1/2)- this is the type of movie which you could concievably start watching at any point, and it would make just as much sense as if you had been watching from the very beginning. The "plot" involves a magazine reporter and a lawyer who go to Las Vegas and end up spending the entire time completley twisted on drugs. Most of the movie is spent showing them having these wild and frightening hallucinations. A lot of special effects and famous people (Jonny Depp, Cameron Diaz, and Christina Ricci, among others) are spent slogging through an almost completley incompehensible script. It's based on a book by Hunter S. Tompson, which is actually pretty good. Too bad the movie is not. Oh! if you decide to see this movie, keep your eyes peeled for the guy who played "Mini Me" in Austin Powers 2. He's in the casino sort of near the beginning. He has one line.
FERRIS BEULER'S DAY OFF (****)- I, like many others, really like this movie. It's just so darn cheerful, and funny. But there's also that one guy, Cameron, who shows a more serious side. If you don't know already, this is about a senior in high school who decided to take a day off and go into the city (I think it's Chicago) with his best friend and his girlfriend. They have adventures and avoid the bumbling school principal. The only thing that kind of bugs me about the movie is that there is NO WAY they could do all that stuff in a single day. I mean, think about it: they drive all the way to the city, then they eat at that fancy resturant, go to the top of a skyscraper, go to an art museum, see a parade, go to a baseball game... tehre's just not that many hours in a day, man. But, anyway, it's still a cool movie. A modern classic. I highly suggest it.
THE FIFTH ELEMENT (***1/2)- the future is going to be a very strange place according to this movie. Terrifying weaponry, bizarre hairdos, and scandalous clothing abound. Cars can even fly! Yes, it's a crazy world out there, and when trouble comes along, there's only one person can stop it: Bruce Willis! This is not a bad movie, for what it is. Chris Tucker plays a fast talking celebrity with a high voice. Bruce Willis seems to be working his way up with the number films... "The Fith Element", "The Sixth Sense"... too bad he wasn't in "Seven".
FIGHT CLUB (*****)- quite possibly my favorite movie of all time. Fight Club is entertaining, interesting, and thought provoking. The acting and writing are both outstainding overall. Many critics didn't like it, but I believe it is the best film of 1999. The book is pretty good, too, but I actually prefer the movie, which is not something you come across very often. See this movie. It will change your life.
FINAL FANTASY: THE SPIRITS WITHIN (***1/2)- a computer animated movie that makes "Toy Story" look like those early black-and-white Mickey Mouse cartoons. Yeah. Visually, this movie is amazing. It's worth the price of admission just to see the big blinking eye in the beginning, and realize that it's not real. What's not worth very much, however, is the plot, which is really too bad becuase the movie looks so nice. It has something to do with these aliens (called "Phantoms") who have invaded earth "thirty-four years ago" (because the film takes place in the future), and a group of scientists who are trying to stop the aliens by collecting eight "spirits". There is, of course, an evil and militant villian who wants to shoot all the aliens with a big gun called the "Zeus Cannon", which floats around in outer space. He's wacky. Ok, not really. But he does rub his chin in humorous ways. Also notable about this film is the fact that Steve Buscemi (or something along those lines. The guy from "Fargo") does the voice of one of the characters. He's "the funny one". So, essentially, I would have to suggest this movie, but really only because of the graphics. The writing, at least to me, left much to be desired. As they say in American Grafitti, "Man, what a waste of machinery."
A FISH CALLED WANDA (***1/2)- this is a hilarious movie. It has John Cleese, Kevin Kline, and Demi Moore, among others. Kevin Kline is especially funny. I can't think of anything to really complain about. This is a lame review, I know. Check out the movie if you're feeling "silly".
FULL METAL JACKET (****1/2)-a Stanley Kubrick movie about the Vietnam War. The plot is kind of difficult to explain, but it basically follows the story of a soldier nicknamed "Joker" (because he's always making jokes. Clever, huh?). A lot of it takes place in a war-torn city, which must have cost kazillions to build, but looks really cool. Like many other Vietnam movies, this one deals with a lot of psychological conflicts/break downs among the characters, and includes several very tense scenes. It seems very similar to "Appocalypse Now" and "Platoon" but not simply because they're all about the same war. They all examine the effects of war on people, and watch the gradual mental decay of soldiers. It must have been just the most insane thing in the world, going over there. But that's not beside the point. This is a good movie, and I suggest it highly, althought it's pretty intense in some points, so it's probably not for everyone. That could have been two sentences. Anyway, this has gone on way too long. Have a nice day.

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