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E.T. The Extra Terrestrial as told by Gertie. Narrated by Drew Barrymore and co-produced by Steven Spielberg himself! 1982. Approx 12 min. Star Trek: Passage To Moav. Rowr. Mid-70s Power Records original Trek adventure. Approx 17 min. The Mr. Bill Show. Take a walk through the family album of Saturday Night Live's much abused clay character. 1979. Approx 4 min.
Planet of the Apes. No longer will we spank the monkey; the monkey will spank us! Go Ape! 1974. Approx 11:20. Star Wars Adventures In ABCs. R is for R2D2. He never eats and never sleeps... Only talks in bloops and bleeps. Featuring Anthony "C3PO" Daniels. 1984. Approx 10 min. Alfred Hitchcock Presents Ghost Stories for Young People. Excerpt from an 8-track (!) featuring Hitch himself! 1962. Approx 10:34.
Bambi. Shirley Temple narrates the story of everybody's favorite fawn; dialogue and fx from Disney's classic film. 1958. Approx 20 min.

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