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All about the web-mistress.


My name is Sarabi; I was born in Cairo Egypt all about twenty-five years ago. I moved to the good ol’ US of A when I was eight, and pretty much have lived here ever since. I do A LOT of traveling due to the line of business my father mainly is in. When you go to the movies, do you ever wonder where that adorable little monkey came from? (Like the one in Pirates of the Caribbean.) Well, they come from me. Well, in a way. See, we train all sorts of animals to be on film. Horses, dogs, cats, exotic animals, creepy animals…you name it, and we’ve probably trained it! Most of the animals we train, we also own. Except for most of the exotics. If we don’t have a particular animal, ten to one, we know whom to contact. If you’ve seen Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, then you’ve seen just a few of our horses. If you’ve seen either live action 101 Dalmatians movies then you’ve seen a lot of our work. (No, we don’t own that many Dalmatians! All the dogs were a collection of over six different companies that do this sort of thing.) Movie studios, directors, cast directors, whomever is in charge of finding animals for a movie, generally call us first. If we don’t have the animal they are looking for, or are currently working on another movie (which generally isn’t a problem any more since we now have seven crews. All lettered A-G. I usually run D crew.), we contact our friends in the business and ask them.  We don’t have a web site or anything to that manner since we usually are kept pretty busy throughout the year. But more in likely you’ve seen our names in credits…well a crew’s name…(each crew also has their own name, not only a letter…confused yet? J) So, what have we worked on? Well to start with we’ve done 101 Dalmatians, 102 Dalmatians, Kate and Leopold, LOTR: TTT, LOTR: ROTK, From Hell, Sleepy Hollow, Monkeybone, Cats and Dogs (no, we didn’t teach them to actually talk…), and quite a few others that for some reason have left my mind at 3 am this morning! I will (this week in fact) be starting on a movie called Troy that stars Brad Pitt and Orlando Bloom. Unfortunely we didn’t work on Pirates…but I know that adorable monkey, and it’s not as adorable as one may think…little troublemaker that one. Probably why it made such a good pirate. So, as you can see, movies are literally my life. I know most very well; I’ve met many celebs, gone to breathtaking places, and to many, many premiers. My last being the Pirates of the Caribbean one where I met Orlando and got to hang out with him and my good buddy Johnny Depp. The only thing that would make my life even better would be the transition from behind the camera to in front of it! Lol. But perhaps someday, who knows? I’ve been an extra before, but I am talking lines people! :-D LMAO.. Let’s see, what else could possibly interest you? I am a US Marine, an E-6 which in the Marines means I am a Staff Sergeant, that doesn’t interfere with my movie work, since I am currently flagged for reasons I’m just not going to share with the world. Not like it’s any of your business anyway!  Lol, unlike so many, I rather keep some things to myself and just share the things that I think would in fact interest others…yes, my personal life could very well interest most of you out there, but tough! I do believe I have said enough though…if you have any questions about my site, or movies listed on my site, just e-mail me at . Yes, I do know the word ‘warrior’ is misspelled…that was the only way I was going to get the screen name I wanted. You could also leave your question, comment, and suggestion, ect. In the guestbook that should be running around here somewhere…not quite sure where though…if I were you, I’d check on the home page…or look over there

 <~~~~ it may even be listed to your left in that nifty frame I created….then again, it could be hiding in a movie…I know I’d like to go hide in the movie Pirates of the Caribbean at the moment, but that’s just me. So, I will leave you with this “Take what you can, give nothing back!” To true on the Internet, wouldn’t you say? Now go, enjoy my site…then get off your rear and go enjoy a movie! (Wait…you’re still on your rear when you enjoy a movie….oh well….5 laps after the movie Private!)