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Ned Kelly

Starring Heath Ledger as Ned Kelly, Orlando Bloom as Joe Bryne, as Steve Heart, as Dan Kelly. Directed by.


What this movie is about…

If you live in Australia you are (or should be) very familiar with the story of the famous Ned Kelly and the Kelly Gang. If nor, well here’s the scoop! Ned Kelly was an outlaw in Victoria Australia around the late 1800s. His brother, Dan Kelly was wrongly accused of stealing livestock and shot an  officer when he came to arrest him and made rude advances on his sister. Dan and Ned  both disappeared into the bush (Australian for forest) and were shortly joined by Joe Bryne and Steve Heart. The four of them then decided that since the Kelly brothers were already labeled as outlaws, they might as well be one. Look back for more information as I provide it, just trying to get this site running properly...*eye roll*