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Links to other places on the Web.


Like everyone else on the web, I do have my favorite places that I am always hitting. Some might even be found in your very own favorites folders, but I have listed a few that I think are very entertaining. I’ve included a short (?) description of each site so you can decide for yourself whether or not they are going to entertain you. ~ If you like Harry Potter then you’ll like my friend Michael’s site. Just click the top left link to go to a collection of stories, some Harry Potter orientated, some not. You’ll also find the complete collection of all my stories, none which are finished as of yet. You’ll also find the stories written by some of my friends who are all very talented. You’ll also find a strange, strange story called the Group Story, which is a story written by all of us. We each take a chapter and write what’s going on with our personal characters that we created (and you’ll notice that our personal main characters are named after the author of that chapter.) Also new features on his site are stories written about and by the members of the Egyptian Café. The Egyptian Café is a yahoo group that I created so that we’d all have a place to hang out and talk to each other on the web, and we’ve just started to let non members in on what’s going on, so go take a look at that one.


Yahoo! Groups ~ This is where I created the Egyptian Café. You can choose to create your own group or join any group you can find there, and there are many! Personally I am a part of four groups, but I only really keep track of two of them. It’s a fun way to spend your time, especially if you find a group where you really fit in.


Google ~ A lot of you should be very familiar with this site…it’s the best way to find anything you are looking for on the web. More in likely, that is how you found my site…I use this search engine when I need pictures and information on a certain movie or actor. Or to look up cheat codes for one of my brother’s new games. Comes in quite handy.


> Tucows Downloads ~ This is a great place to get shareware. They have loads of really wicked stuff to download, all listed in easy to figure out categories. So check here if you need something to make your own web site screaming, or just looking for some programs for your computer. These guys are a must hit site!


Neopets ~ I know, I know…what the heck is that? Well, it’s a virtual pet site. You get to create your own pet, play with it by playing some games, get neopoints which are money that you can use to buy your pet toys, food, send them to school. Your pet can even battle other neopets. It’s something to do when none of your friends are online and there’s nothing to do. Sometimes it’s really fun…but that’s just me. J


My other Site ~ This site is basically just like this one. All about movies. In fact, it has the same movies as this one, minus a few, but I got tired of Geocities small half a screen web page that my site was doing (although with a little work I did manage to make the story part on this site look better) You can take a look at it if you really want, but there’s nothing new there that ain’t on here.


Angelfire ~ So far this has been a good web host. So if you are interested in building your very own site, check these guys out. And if they seem a little to complicate for you if you are just a beginner, then check out the guys below.


Geocities ~ A great place for beginners to web site building. They have some good points and some bad. If you know anything about html, then you’ll like this place with no problem. If not, then you may end up like me, frustrated by the half screen web site. Now I know html, but I had no time to play with the site so I went the easy way. And now, I still don’t have the time, but thanks to Tucow, I can work on my site off line and when I can go on-line update my site. But there are a lot of interesting sites at Geocities, so go take a look see…