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Starring David Duchovny as Ira Caine, Julianne Moore as Allison, Orlando Jones as Harry Block, and Seann William Scott as Wayne. Directed by Ivan Reitman.


What this movie is about…


 This is one hell of a funny movie! Basically it’s about a meteor that crashes to earth and the cavern to which the meteor comes to rest begins to stem with life.

Ira and Harry both work at the same college, Harry being a volleyball coach and geology professor, Ira a science professor, and they both go out to the crash site where they meet Wayne who was out in the middle of nowhere practicing for a fireman’s test he was at the moment missing.  They take samples and this is where the fun begins…it’s not so scientific that you won’t be able to understand what it is they are talking about, and yet if you know a little biology, there are terms you’ll know. The single cell organisms that were living in the goo they collected from the meteor begins to evolve at an extremely accelerated rate never before seen. We get to marvel at the team of visual effects wizards’ handy work as they introduce us to some new, extremely strange creatures. And with all new life outside our planet discoveries, no matter how hard you try to keep it all hush, hush, the military comes barging in and taking over. And you have the lovely Allison entering the fray. Allison is an epidemiologist who has a real problem with grace….she has none! (Director’s note: The clumsy Allison was actually Julianne’s idea, not Ivan’s!) Ira and Harry are now pushed aside and can no longer claim or even see the meteor, so they do what any person would…they sneak onto the now base and go for a walk in the cavern where the meteor landed. Each time you go into this cavern in the movie, there are significant changes to it. Of coarse they get caught, our military isn’t that bad, I should know, I’m a Marine, but with reports that there have been attacks at a local country club, where Wayne just happens to work, makes Ira believe that the aliens are getting out of the cavern somehow. Wayne then joins with Ira and Harry and quickly discovers that they were right. So much for Arizona folks!  But I won’t ruin the end for you…you’ll just have to go rent the movie. I suggest if at all possible, get it on DVD. Check out the deleted scenes, and most of all, after you’ve watched the movie itself once, go back and watch it with the conversation (Commentary) with Ivan Reitman, David Duchovny, Orlando Jones, and Seann William Scott for some more laughs that’ll make your sides hurt! Until then, enjoy the pictures below from the movie…and yes, that really is David Duchovny’s bare butt….



              Well, that’s it…now go take a good look at the movie! Lol..