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~Lauren Gagnon~

I have seen this movie dozens of times (you must have the DVD) and each time I come away entranced and wanting to be Keanu Reeve's girlfriend. (I know kung-fu too, ha) Anyways... Carrie-Anne Moss is gorgeous and Trinity is a very strong, yet feminine character- she plays her beautifully. Morpheus played by Lawrence Fishburne provides a solid character, I think he is only character who does not undergo a change throughout the movie. At points, he seemed a bit odd, but after watching the movie several times you can decipher his strange way of expressing his thoughts and how he delivers his speeches, and see that it holds a greater meaning to the story- when he says he knows something, he really knows it. (as in: Neo is The One) The guy who played Cypher did a great job of turning himself into a little weasel that everyone wanted to slap and spit on- you can tell he's nasty the first time he appears on screen because of the look he gives Neo. And even before that i! n the conversation with Trinity "We're going to kill him..."

: Along the lines of "Hollywood"- the special effects, kung-fu scenes, and dialog work together perfectly- there is no wasted energy in this film. Beautiful dialog lends to rememberable quotes from virtually every scene in the movie.
: I cannot say much anything bad about this film, except the concept may be a bit hard to grasp for some people the first time around- most people will have to give it another go in order to figure out what's going on in the plot. For first time viewers a bit of advice: don't ask questions when you watch the first time, you're liable to miss something important!!! Just take it all in. Also, I would have liked to see the characters of Switch and Apoc developed more before they were knocked off. Oh well.
End: This movie really wasn't that good, nor was it horrible. Boring me and scaring me for life, doesn't help this movie much, so I'm leaning more toward horrible. If you have nothing else to rent, and would like to be freaked out for the rest of the day, then check out this "classic."

The ending of the first movie is actually perfect. According to the plot of the next movie, The Matrix: Reloaded, Neo and Morpheus have already commenced releasing people from The Matrix at the start of the movie- and The Matrix leaves us with a scene of Neo contacting the next person to be released and shows us how well he has mastered the workings of the Matrix (he flies). I cannot wait for the next installment, and as of today there are only 345 days left until May 16, 2003. My only regret is that I never saw this one (The Matrix) in the theater.

Overall, 5 stars. Buy the DVD.