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Big Brother 2

I enjoyed watching
Big Brother very much!
However, when nominated or evicted
the poor losers would surface!
This is a game, play to win..
Whaa Whaa Whaa!
Call the wham-bulance!

Autum was much too nice and
just a little too needy.

Hardy is a great guy
and I hoped that he would win!
He had a great personality,
he was sensitive and sencere.
As for deceiving, I didnt see anything
about Hardy that I didnt see in all of them!
He went out with his head held high!

I did like Krista, but I have my doubts
about her. I thought it was odd that she
didnt want to see her daughter
after leaving the house,
after all, she hadnt seen her for WEEKS!
and she Was a POOR loser.


Spikey Mikey! well, I thought he was a fun,
cool guy, But most deffinitly a POOR loser.
I am sure Kent's daughter
could careless that Kent nominated Mike!
Get a grip Mike! she wanted her
daddy to win! it's a game!

Control Nicole!
Controling, moody, bossy
Very negative... a bitch without her bully.
But she needed the money more then Will did.
She went out with her head
held high! played a good game!

Monica played a good game
till the very end.She is a sweetheart,
down to earth and I would have loved
to see her win the money!
However, POOR loser syndrome again!
Nicole did what she had to do to win!
I am very angry she voted for Will
instead of nicole only
because she was a poor loser.

This girl has problems.
childish and a personality of a rat.
Cracked me up terribly when she said
Hardy was jelious of her and Will!
"OH P-le-a-s-e"! she is a mutt
compared to Hardy's hot little number at home!
WHA-WHA- call the Wham-bulance!

Funky Bunky! A sweetheart,
did what he was told, dont do that Bunky!

Sheryl was not there long enough,
but she was also a sweetheart,
Bless you sheryl and good luck.

Kent, Sometimes he was likable and
sometimes not but he played a good game!

(Silly Willy) I loved to hate him!!
he was fun and kept the show interesting.
BUT... DR. Evil indeed. he didnt need that money.
I am disapointed in all who voted for him.
He will waste the money instead of doing
just ONE good deed with it.
you didnt play any better then the rest Silly Willy
or is it...Chilly Willy.

Not much to say about Justin,
has problems? needs to grow up.

They all lied, deceived, manipulated
But that is how you play the game!
some were poor losers and some not.

Has anyone seen Eddie, ole George, Josh,
Jaime, Jordon, Brit and Karen???



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