Valli Kemp is an artist of rare talent!  One visit to her official website will convince you that far more than her beauty is unique.  Her favored technique combines painting and decoupage, resulting in a 3D effect that dazzles the eye.


Most exciting is her new series of three Dr. Phibes inspired paintings which are soon to be made available as signed and numbered prints!  Imagine owning one of the following breathtaking works actually created by 'Vulnavia' herself!  Details are on her official website.  Be sure to tell her you read about them here!


Vulnavia's Music Entrance by Valli Kemp


Phibes and Vulnavia's Desert Lunch by Valli Kemp


Vulnavia's Stairs to Eternal Life by Valli Kemp

All content copyright Valli Kemp and Richard D. Squires.  A big 'thank-you,' also to Ms. Kemp's agent, Art Bourasseau, for so kindly making this possible!

The Vincent Price Exhibit

Created October 31, 2009, Richard D Squires.