Vincent Price's star on Hollywood Blvd. (shown here in a photo taken by my pal Tom Horne) is not in commemoration of his film career.  As the circular marker in the center of the star indicates, it's in tribute to his vast career in television.  This may surprise many of his fans, until the list of programs below is studied.


A Christmas Carol as the Narrator

Screen capture of Vincent narrating 'A Christmas Carol.'

The Jack Carter Show ["Episodes 1.6 and 2.6" as Himself]
Pantomime Quiz ["Episode of Jun 23" as Himself]

Crazy Hans Conreid reclines before Vincent Price and other 'Pantomime Quiz' cast members.

Fireside Theatre ["Torture"]
Lux Video Theatre ["The Promise" as Herbert]
The Jack Carter Show ["Episode 2.24" as Himself]

Lights Out ["The Third Door"]
Chesterfield Presents ["Count Victor Lustig, the Fabulous Swindler"]
Pulitzer Prize Playhouse ["Monsieur Beaucaire"]
Gruen Guild Playhouse ["Dream Man"]
Robert Montgomery Presents ["The Ringmaster"]
Lux Video Theatre ["The Game of Chess" as Christoff]
Schlitz Playhouse of Stars ["The Human Touch"]

Summer Theatre ["Dream Job" as Cooper Fielding]
The Philip Morris Playhouse ["Ballet for a Stranger"]
The Jack Benny Program ["Irene Dunne Show"]
Schlitz Playhouse of Stars ["Sheila"]

Lux Video Theatre ["The Heiress"]

The Eddie Cantor Comedy Theater ["How Much for Van Such"]
TV Reader's Digest ["The Brainwashing of John Hayes" as John Hayes]
Crossroads ["Cleanup" as Rev. Robert Russell]
Climax! ["Night of Execution" as Gideon Rone]

Lux Video Theatre ["Sting in the Tail" as Actress]
The Alcoa Hour ["Sister" as Alvanley]
Science Fiction Theatre ["Operation Flypaper" as Dr. Philip Redmond and "One Thousand Eyes" as Gary Williams]
Crossroads ["The Rebel" as Rabbi Gershom Seixos and "God's Healing" as Rev. Alfred W. Price]
Climax! ["Spin Into Darkness" as Casey Lodge]
Playhouse 90 ["Forbidden Area" as Clark Simmons]

Vincent, Diana Lynn and Tab Hunter in 'Forbidden Area.'  Hunter would later costar with Price in 'War-Gods of the Deep.'

General Electric Theater ["The Ballad of Mender McClure"]
Matinee Theatre ["Whom Death Has Joined Together"]
The Red Skelton Show ["Salesman vs. Mad Scientist" as Mad Scientist]
I've Got a Secret ["Episode of Dec 19" as Himself]
What's My Line? ["Episode of Dec 16" as Mystery Guest]
The Herb Shriner Show ["Episode of Nov 20" as Himself]
The George Gobel Show ["Episode 3.4" as Himself]
Toast of the Town ["Episode 9.41" as Himself]
The Steve Allen Show ["Premier" as Himself]
The $64,000 Challenge as Himself
The Martha Raye Show ["Episode of Feb 14" as Himself]

Shower of Stars ["Star Time"]
Climax! ["Avalanche at Devil's Pass" as Dr. Farrin]
Alfred Hitchcock Presents ["The Perfect Crime" as Charles Courtney]

Vincent Price strangles an uncaring Alfred Hitchcock as James Gregory looks on.

Jane Wyman Presents The Fireside Theatre ["The Perfect Alibi" as Howard Keith Howard]
Playhouse 90 ["The Clouded Image" as Alex and "Lone Woman" as Jesse White]
General Electric Theater ["The Iron Horse" as Vince Meagher]
Schlitz Playhouse of Stars ["The Blue Hotel" as Swede and "High Barrier"]

Two photos of Vincent Price in 'Blue Hotel.'  That's future spaghetti western star Lee Van Cleef on the left.

The Red Skelton Show ["Contest Winner" as Warren Glenhall and "Monsieur Clem's Fashions" as Monsieur Pierre]
The $64,000 Challenge as Himself

Collector's Item ["Pilot - The Left Hand of David" as Henry Prentiss]
Half Hour to Kill as Gene Wolcott
General Electric Theater ["Angel in the Air" as Archibald]
Schlitz Playhouse of Stars ["The Kind Mr. Smith" as Mr. Smith]
Matinee Theatre ["Angel Street" as Manningham]
Have Gun - Will Travel ["The Moor's Revenge" as Charles Mathews]
The Red Skelton Show ["Freddie's New Home" as Muggsy and "Friends of Red Skelton Variety Show" as Himself]
The Jack Paar Tonight Show ["Episode of Aug 26" as Himself]
What's My Line? ["Episode of Mar 9" as Himself]
E.S.P. as Himself (host)
The $64,000 Challenge as Himself

Riverboat ["Witness No Evil" as Otto Justin]

The Red Skelton Show ["Cauliflower Goes to Hollywood or Vinnie the P" as Carlyle Wentworth]
Startime ["The Secret World of Kids" as Himself]
What's My Line? ["Episode of April 12" as Himself]
The Jack Benny Program ["Panel Discussion Show" as Himself]
Key Witness as Himself (host)
The $64,000 Challenge as Himself

Adventures in Paradise ["The Color of Venom" as Armand Duchette]
Startime ["Tennessee Ernie Ford Meets King Arthur" as Sir Bors]
The Chevy Mystery Show ["Run-Around" as Michael Seemes]
The Three Musketeers as Cardinal Richelieu
The United States Steel Hour ["Shame the Devil"]
The Red Skelton Show ["The Original DaVinci" as Gilbert and "Deadeye and the Magician" as Maxwell the Magician]
About Faces ["Episode of Feb 3" as Himself]
The George Gobel Show ["Episode 6.10" as Himself]

The Best of the Post ["Off the Set" as Bauer]

The Red Skelton Show ["Cauliflower Loses His Birds" as Dr. John Esterhardy]

Pantomime Quiz ["Carol Lynley vs. Vincent Price" as Himself]

The Red Skelton Show ["Cast Your Brat Upon the Water" as Cavendish Butler and "Oliver Twist Parody" as Dr. Crookshank]

The Man From U.N.C.L.E. ["The Foxes and Hounds Affair" as Victor Marton]
The Wild Weird World of Dr. Goldfoot as Dr. Goldfoot
The Red Skelton Show ["Episode 14.20" as Black Bart/Bart's Brother]

Hamming it up with Red Skelton.  The two were great friends.

The Jack Benny Program ["Jack Appears on a Panel Show" as Himself]

Clown Alley ["Episode of March 1" as Seltzer Water Clown]
Batman ["An Egg Grows in Gotham" and "The Yegg Foes in Gotham" as Egghead]
The Red Skelton Show ["Episode 15.19" as Sigmund Fraud]
Hollywood Talent Scouts ["Episode of Jan 31" as Himself]

Ann Blyth, Vincent Price, dancer Barrie Chase and Laurence Harvey on 'Hollywood Talent Scouts.'

The Milton Berle Show
The Danny Kaye Show as Himself

Harvey Korman, Danny Kaye, Juliet Prowse and Vincent Price on Kaye's show.

F Troop ["V is for Vampire" as Count Sfoza]
Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea ["The Deadly Dolls" as Professor Multiple]
Batman ["Louis the Lilac," "The Ogg and I," "How to Hatch a Dinosaur," "Catwoman's Dressed to Kill" and "The Ogg Couple" as Egghead]

Throughly enjoying himself as 'Egghead' in 'Batman.'

The Red Skelton Show ["Episode 16.30" as Professor Super-Dope and "Episode 17.11" as Dr. Flygrabber]
Dateline: Hollywood ["Episode of Jun 21" as Himself]
Hollywood Squares [5 Episodes as Himself]

Batman ["The Entrancing Dr. Cassandra" as Egghead]
The Red Skelton Show ["He Who Steals My Robot Steals Trash" as Mad Scientist (with Boris Karloff as his father!)]
Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In ["Episodes 2.10 and 2.13" as Himself]
Hollywood Squares [7 Episodes as Himself]
Toast of the Town ["Episodes 21.22 and 21.23" as Himself]


Daniel Boone ["Copperhead Izzy" as Dr. Thaddeus Morton]
BBC Play of the Month ["The Heiress" as Dr. Austin Sloper]
The Good Guys ["Fly in My Stew" as Mr. Middleton]
From 'The Good Guys' (on right with Bob Denver)

Get Smart ["Is This Trip Necessary?" as Dr. Jarvis Pym]
Hollywood Squares [11 Episodes as Himself]

Love, American Style ["Love and the Haunted House"]

Spooky, even on 'Love, American Style.'

The Mod Squad ["A Time of Hyacinths" as John Wells/Wentworth]
Cucumber Castle as Wicked Count Voxville
The Red Skelton Show ["You Can Take the Boy Out of the Country If You Promise Not to Bring Him Back" as Clem's Teacher and "Blood is Thicker Than Water and Harder to Shave With" as Clarence Narrow]
Here's Lucy ["Lucy Cuts Vincent Price" as Himself]

'I Killed Lucy'?

Dinah's Place ["Episode of Aug 21" as Himself]
Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In ["Episodes 4.7 and 4.12" as Himself]
Hollywood Squares [14 Episodes as Himself]
Life With Linkletter
Cooking Price-Wise as Himself

The Red Skelton Show ["The Castaways" as Claude Casserole and "Episode of Feb 8" as Himself]
Here Comes Peter Cottontail as the voice of January Q. Irontail

Danny Kaye, Vincent Price and Casey Kasem provided the voices in this Rankin-Bass Easter special. A toy based on Price's character, the evil January Q. Irontail

Night Gallery ["Class of '99" as Professor]
The Pet Set ["Episode of Aug 3" as Himself]
Make Your Own Kind of Music! ["Episodes 1.1, 1.6 and 1.8" as Himself]
The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson ["Episodes of March 30 and Nov 9" as Himself]
The Virginia Graham Show ["Episodes of March 30 and October 12" as Himself]
Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In ["Episode 5.11" as Himself]
Hollywood Squares [12 Episodes as Himself]
The Curiosity Shop as Himself
The David Frost Review as Himself
The Movie Game as Himself
Mooch Goes to Hollywood as Himself

Night Gallery ["The Return of the Sorceror" as John Carnby]

Price is pictured on this promotional booklet for 'Rod Serling's Night Gallery.'  

The Brady Bunch ["The Tiki Caves"/"Pass the Tabu" as Professor Hubert Whitehead]
Stand Up and Cheer ["Episode 2.2" as Himself]
The Jimmy Stewart Show ["Price Is Right" as Himself]
The Carol Burnett Show ["Episodes 5.18 and 6.11" as Himself]
The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson ["Episodes of May 12 and Oct 19" as Himself]
Hollywood Squares [13 Episodes as Himself]
An Evening of Edgar Allan Poe as Narrator

Performing 'The Tell-Tale Heart' segment of 'An Evening of Edgar Allan Poe,' a true tour de force produced by American International Pictures.

The Dating Game as Himself

A very odd appearance on 'The Dating Game,' where he got to choose a bachelor for a young lady contestant.  The only reason I can come up with for his toga costume is that he's just made 'Dr. Phibes Rises Again.'

Chevrolet Presents the Golddiggers as Himself

Columbo ["Lovely But Lethal" as David Lang]
The Snoop Sisters ["Black Day For Bluebeard" as Michael Bastion]

As a horror film star in 'The Snoop Sisters.'  He was reunited here with his 1930's stage costars Helen Hayes and Mildred Natwick.

The Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour ["Episode 4.12" as Himself]
The Dean Martin Show ["Celebrity Roast: Bette Davis" as Himself]
The Art Institute: A Self-Portrait [as Himself]

Baffle ["Episode of Oct 15" as Himself]
This Is Your Life ["Vincent Price" as Himself"]
Stand Up and Cheer ["Episode 2.24" as Himself]
The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson ["Episode of Sept 27" as Himself]
Hollywood Squares [11 Episodes as Himself]

Host Peter Marshall with four of his 'Hollywood Squares,' Vincent Price, Rose Marie, Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. (who costarred with Price in 'Green Hell') and Lynda Day George [thanks to Kevin Lee Age for the correction!].

This Is Your Life ["Christopher Lee" as Himself]
The Dean Martin Show ["Celebrity Roast: Bobby Riggs" as Himself]
The Carol Burnett Show ["Episode 7.20" as Himself]
The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson ["Episode of April 22" as Himself]
Hollywood Squares [18 Episodes as Himself]
Bicentennial Minute as Himself
The Horror Hall of Fame as Himself

Vincent Price and Frank Gorshin in the 'Horror Hall of Fame.' The self-proclaimed 'poor-man's Vincent Price' (Forrest J. Ackerman) and the real thing.

Alice Cooper: The Nightmare as The Spirit of the Nightmare
The Midnight Special ["Episode of Nov 7" as Himself]
The Carol Burnett Show ["Episode 8.14" as Himself]

Price lures music hall girl Carol Burnett to his lab... To turn her into a bride for his monster (Harvey Korman).

Hollywood Squares [5 Episodes as Himself]
Consumer Survival Kit ["Fast food segment" as Himself]

Vincent seems to have forgotten his glasses in this publicity shot for his appearance on PBS's 'Consumer Survival Kit'!  Host Gwinn Owens is on the left.

Ellery Queen ["The Adventure of the Sinister Scenario" as Director Michael Raynor]
Does he look guilty to you?  From the 'Ellery Queen' program as a film director.

The Bionic Woman ["Black Magic" as Manfred/Cyrus Carstairs]
The Muppet Show ["Episode 1.19" as Himself]
Anyone for Tennyson?
Joys as Himself

The Brady Bunch Hour ["Episode 1.3" as Himself]
Lindsay Wagner: Another Side of Me as Himself
The Captain and Tennille ["Episode of Feb 21" as Himself]
Dinah! ["Episode of Jan 5" as Himself]

Vincent tries to explain his new curly perm (!) to a skeptical Dinah Shore and Rich Little.

The Cry of a Hurting World..."I'm Hungry!" as Himself

The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson ["Episode of Dec 28" as Himself]

Ringo as Dr. Nancy

Hypnotist Vincent Price and bystander John Ritter keep putting Ringo Starr to sleep by accident.

The Love Boat ["Ship of Ghouls" as Wendell Mordan - 'The Amazing Alonzo']
As The Amazing Alonzo

The Jim Nabors Show ["Episode 1.9" as Himself]

Once Upon a Midnight Dreary as Host
Time Express as Jason

Publicity pictures from 'Time Express,' which starred Vincent Price and Coral Browne as ghostly hosts aboard a train that allowed people to go back and change their pasts.

The Hollywood Greats ["Edward G. Robinson" as Himself]
V.I.P. Schaukel ["Episode 9.2" as Himself]
The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson ["Episodes of Feb 19 and April 2" as Himself]
Hollywood Squares [5 Episodes as Himself]

Beware of the Devil
John Ritter: Being of Sound Mind and Body as Himself

Vincent was a guest star on John Ritter's first comedy special.

Freddie the Freeloader's Christmas Dinner as Professor Humperdo

Mystery [1981 - 1989 as Host]
American Masters ["Helen Hayes: First Lady of the American Theatre" as Himself]
An Evening at the Improv as Himself

Ruddigore as Sir Despard Murgatroyd

Far from a perfect production, but tons of fun having the chance to see Vincent dance and hear him sing!

Trapper John, M.D. ["The Ransom" as Baxter Garwood]
Circus of the Stars #7 as Himself

The 54th Annual Academy Awards as Himself
Magic With the Stars as Himself

Celebrity Gourmet as Himself

Family Feud ["Batman vs. Lost in Space" as Himself]
Your Choice For the Film Awards as Himself

Barbara Eden and Vincent Price hosted 'Your Choice For the Film Awards.'

Faerie Tale Theatre ["Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" as Magic Mirror and "The Boy Who Left Home to Find Out About the Shivers" as Narrator]

In 'Snow White,' with Vanessa Redgrave as the Evil Queen, Vincent Price played the Magic Mirror!

Aspel & Company ["Episode 1.6" as Himself]
The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson ["Episode of Oct 31" as Himself]
The ABC Weekend Special
Don't Ask Me, Ask God as Himself

The 13 Ghosts of Scooby-Doo [13 episodes as voice of Vincent Van Ghoul]

An animated Vincent Price!

An American Portrait
Night of 100 Stars II as Himself
Joan Rivers and Friends Salute Heidi Abromowitz as Himself

Cinema Cinemas ["Vincent Price - Malibu, juillet 1986" as Himself]
Blacke's Magic ["Wax Poetic" as Emeric Valdemar]

Ad for Price's appearance on 'Blacke's Magic' used a photo of him from the PBS 'Mystery' series.  Actor Harry Morgan, in the background, appeared with Vincent in 'Dragonwyck.' An actual photo of Price (with series star Hal Linden) from the episode.  He played a collector of Edgar Allan Poe who has found an unknown manuscript by the author.

Entertainment Tonight as Himself

Sparky's Magic Piano as voice of Henry, Sparky's dad
The Nativity as the voice of King Herod
The Little Troll Prince as the voice of King Ulvik
The Late Show Starring Joan Rivers as Himself
Read, Write and Draw as Himself

The New Hollywood Squares [2 episodes as Himself]
Read, Write and Draw as Himself

The 61st Annual Academy Awards as Himself
Coral Browne: Caviar for the General as Himself
Read, Write and Draw as Himself

Appreciating Art
The Horror Hall of Fame as Himself

A frail Vincent Price accepts his award at home from 'The Horror Hall of Fame.'

Tiny Toon Adventures ["How Sweetie It Is" as the Narrator]

Addenda (dates unknown)
And Then I Wrote [pilot, as Himself]
The Mike Douglas Show

Vincent made many appearances on 'The Mike Douglas Show' through the years.  Here he is around 1970 with Douglas, Minnie Pearl (from whose estate this photo was purchased) and Bobby Goldsboro.

The Vincent Price Exhibit

Created May 27, 2009, Richard D Squires. Updated May 23, 2012.