RADIO (alphabetically)

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Aliens In The Mind
- Island Genesis [Jan 2, 1977]
- Hurried Exodus [Jan 9, 1977]
- Unexpected Visitations [Jan 16, 1977]
- Official Intercession [Jan 23, 1977]
- Genetic Revelation [Jan 30, 1977]
- Final Tribulation [Feb 6, 1977]
Best Plays
- Angel Street [Jun 22, 1952]
Bob and Ray Present
- Bob and Ray Barber [Aug 21, 1959]
Cavalcade of America
- A Race For Lennie [Jan 29, 1945]
CBS Radio Workshop
- Speaking of Cinderella [April 7, 1956]
- The Son of Man [April 21, 1957]
Columbia Presents Corwin
- Undecided Molecule [July 17, 1945]
Command Performance
- Dear John [Oct 20, 1948]
- The Roman [Sep 21, 1949]
Duffy's Tavern
- Actors Club at the Tavern [Jan 26, 1951]
- Present Tense [Jan 31, 1950]
- Three Skeleton Key [March 17, 1950]
- Bloodbath [Jun 30, 1950]

Family Theater
- Laughing into Glory [Jun 12, 1947]
- The Happy Prince [Oct 12, 1949]
- Jane Eyre [Oct 25, 1950]
- Where There's a Will [Jun 9, 1954]
Favorite Stories
- Mister Shakespeare [ ]
Guest Star
- Portrait By Cupid [Sep 18, 1955]
Hollywood Fights Back [Oct 26, 1947]
Hollywood Star Play House
- Hour of Truth
Hollywood Star Time
- Shock [Feb 3, 1946]
- Hangover Square [Apr 7, 1946]
- Song of Bernadette [Apr 21, 1946]
- The Lodger [May 19, 1946]
- Sinister Errand [Aug 7, 1946]
The Jack Benny Show
- [Feb 6, 1949]
KIIS Hall of Horrors [Oct 31, 1973]
- Fraternity Initiation
- Father Weber's Rescue
- Wild Goose Tavern Crimson Footprints
- The Woman in Black
- The Fox Sisters
- Harry Tallow's Headaches
- Marias Mind Possessed
- A Package for Dr Masters

Lux Radio Theater
- The Letter [Mar 6, 1944]
- Laura [Feb 5, 1945]
- Dragonwyck [Oct 7, 1946]
- Devotion [Feb 17, 1947]
- The Web [Sep 29, 1947]
- Another Part Of The Forest [Sep 13, 1948]

Lux Radio Theatre (Australian version)
- Echoes of a Century - 1984
Mutual Radio Theater
- Long Distance [Mar 5, 1980]
- Double Exposure [Mar 12, 1980]
- The Mask [Mar 19, 1980]
- An International Sport [Mar 26, 1980]
- The Contractor [Apr 2, 1980]
- The Last Of Scrooge [Apr 9, 1980]
- The Voyage Of No Return [Apr 16, 1980]
- Lion Hunt [Apr 23, 1980]
- House On Fire [Apr 30, 1980]
- Vicious Circle [May 7, 1980]
- Night [May 14, 1980]
- Visions of Death [May 21, 1980]
- Laura D Fair [May 28, 1980]
- The House Warming [Sep 3, 1980]
- Accidentally On Purpose [Sep 10. 1980]
- The Role Of His Life [Sep 17, 1980]
- Death Warmed Over [Sept 24, 1980]
- Freeze Frame [Oct 1, 1980]
- Altered Egos [Oct 8, 1980]
- Love Spelled Backwards [Oct 15, 1980]
- The Man Who Talked To Himself [Oct 22, 1980]

Nazi Eyes On Canada
- Holly Metcalf & Bob Haxwell Story [Oct 18, 1942]
The Night of the Wolf [1984]
- Paranoia

Philip Morris Playhouse
- Leona's Room [Feb 25, 1949]
- Murder Needs an Artist [May 6, 1950]
The Price Of Fear
- Remains to Be Seen [Sep 1, 1973]
- William and Mary [Sep 8, 1973]
- Cats Cradle [Sep 15, 1973]
- Meeting In Athens [Sep 22, 1973]
- The Man Who Hated Scenes [Sep 29, 1973]
- Lot 132 [Oct 6, 1973]
- Waxwork [Oct 13, 1973]
- Fish [Oct 20, 1973]
- Soul Music [Oct 27, 1973]
- Come As You Are [Apr 6, 1974]
- Specialty Of the House Apr 13, 1974]
- 9th Removal [Apr 20, 1974]
- Blind Man's Bluff [Apr 27, 1974]
- An Eye For An Eye [May 4, 1974]
- Goody Two Shoes [May 30, 1983]
- To My Dear Dear Saladin [Jun 6, 1983]
- Family Album [Jun 13, 1983]
- Out of the Mouths [Jun 20, 1983]
- Not Wanted on Voyage [Jun 27, 1983]
- Is Anybody There? [Jul 4, 1983]
Radio Theater
- Snake Pit
Recollections At 30
- Vincent Price, Helen Hayes & Al Jolson [Feb 20, 1957]
 Screen Guild Players
- Flesh and Fantasy [Jul 16, 1945]
- On Borrowed Time [Apr 1, 1946]
- Dragonwyck [Jan 20, 1947]
- Champagne For Caesar [Oct 5, 1950]
- Village Store [March 20, 1947]
Sears Radio Theater
- Hostages [Feb 7, 1979]
- The Ouija Spells Murder [Feb 21, 1979]
- Wanda [Feb 28, 1979]
- Carmilla [Mar 7, 1979]
- Going Home [Mar 14, 1979]
- Mushrooms Darling [Mar 21, 1979]
- A Whisper In My Ear [Jun 6, 1979]
- Anniversary [Jun 20, 1979]
- A Game Of Cat And Mouse [Jun 27, 1979]
- Melissa [Jul 4, 1979]
- Girl On The Billboard [Jul 11, 1979]
- The Joke Is On Guess Who [Jul 18, 1979]
- The Ransom [Jul 25, 1979]
- Voodoo Lady [Aug 1, 1979]

Stars Over Hollywood
- The Incredible Truth [Mar 20, 1954]
- Continental Cowboy [Dec 30, 1951]

- The Strange Death Of Charles Umberstein [Nov 23, 1943]
- Fugue In C Minor [Jun 1, 1944]
- The Name Of The Beast [Apr 11, 1946]
- The Hunting Trip [Sep 12, 1946]
- The Hands Of Mr. Ottermole [Dec 2, 1948]
- Three Skeleton Key [Nov 11, 1956]
- Present Tense [Mar 3, 1957]
- The Green And Gold String [Jun 9, 1957]
- The Pit And The Pendulum [Nov 10, 1957]
- Rave Notice [Jun 1, 1958]
- Three Skeleton Key [Oct 18, 1958]
- Occurrence At Owl Creek Bridge [Jul 19, 1959]

The Saint [1947 - 1951, 46 episodes]
Theater of Romance
- Angel Street [Oct 9, 1945]
Thirteenth Juror
- What Happened to John Wilkes Booth? [Apr 23, 1949]
This Is Your FBI
- The Straw Hat Shakedown [May 18, 1951]
Treasury Star Parade
- With Vincent Price
- Price of Free World Victory
- With Vincent Price
- Mr. Jones and Mr. Washington
- The Goldbergs
- Weep Not For Me
- Second Battle of Brooklyn
- The Life of Molly Pitcher, Soldier
- John Nesbit and Dinah Shore
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar
- The Price of Fame Matter [Feb 2, 1958]

RECORDINGS (by year)  [I would like to thank Lawrence French for all of the annotations which appear below.  Where Lawrence knows of a link to the actual sound files, he has included it!  A future update will include the album covers as well.]

Two Odes of John Keats [Spa Records, 1950]
Piano solos composed and played by George Antheil.
1. Ode on a Grecian Urn
2. Ode To A Nightingale

Poetry of Shelley [Caedmon, 1956]
Directed by Howard O. Sackler.
Side One: Music, When Soft Voices Die; With A Guitar, To Jane; Ozymandias; My Soul Is an Enchanted Boat (from Prometheus Unbound); To a Skylark; Hymn To Intellectual Beauty; Ode To The West Wind.
Side Two: Adonais. An Elegy on the death of John Keats.
Vincent Price masterly reads some of the most beautiful romantic poetry of the 19th century. A truly sublime experience.

300 Years Of Great American Poetry [Caedmon, 1958]
TC—2009 - Two Record Set

Directed by Howard O. Sackler and Margaret Webster.
Readings of classic American poetry, including the poets Anne Bradstreet ~ Philip Freneau ~ William Cullen Bryant ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson ~ Oliver Wendell Holmes ~ Walt Whitman ~ Herman Melville ~ Emily Dickinson ~ Joaquin Miller Edward Taylor and Stephen Crane.
Read by Vincent Price, Julie Harris, Eddie Albert, Helen Gahagan Douglas and Ed Begley.
The Poems read by Vincent Price are:
Side One: The Indian Burying Ground by Philip Freneau, The Skeleton in Armor by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. Side Two: Barbara Frietchie by John Greenleaf Whittier. Side Four: The Marshes of Glynn by Sidney Lanier.

Great American Speeches [Caedmon, 1958]
TC—2016 - Two Record Set

Directed by Howard O. Sackler.
Great American political speeches from the 19th Century, as read by Vincent Price, Melvyn Douglas, Ed Begley and Carl Sandburg. Speeches read by Price include:
Side Two: Henry Clay's speech to the House of Representatives, from January 8, 1813, when Clay asked for a renewed vigor in prosecuting the War of 1812. Side Three: Price reads Charles Sumner's speech on "The Crime Against Kansas," from May 19, 1856.

Gallery [Dot Records, 1960]
Vincent Price presents great paintings in musical impressions composed by Ned Freeman.

America The Beautiful [Columbia Masterworks, 1961]
91A 02013 / ML 5668 Time: 52:30
Introduction and linking text written by John Tobias.
Produced and Directed by Douglas Duer.
Side One: The Landing of the Pilgrim Fathers (Elizabeth Barrett Browning), Thanksgiving Day (Lydia Maria Child), Paul Revere's Ride (Henry Wadsworth Longfellow), The Village Blacksmith (Henry Wadsworth Longfellow), The Star Spangled Banner (Francis Scott Key), The House by the Side of the Road (Sam Walter Foss), Trees (Joyce Kilmer), The Barefoot Boy (John Greenleaf Whittier).
Side Two: A Visit from St. Nicholas (Clement Clark Moore), O Captain! My Captain! (Walt Whitman), Jesse James (traditional, Casey at the Bat (Ernest L. Thayer), Casey Jones (Wallace Saunders), The New Colossus (Emma Lazarus), Chicago (Carl Sandburg), America for Me (Henry Van Dyke), In Flanders Fields (John McCrea), America the Beautiful (Katharine Lee Bates).

Co-Star with Vincent Price [Roulette Records, 1961]
Featuring stock dramatic scenes written by Jack Ragotszy, as well as excerpts from Oscar Wilde’s THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING ERNEST and Henrik Ibsen’s AN ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE.

The World Of Century Twenty-First (This World Tomorrow) [Capitol Custom/Guild Publications, 1962]
A look at life in the 21st century by composer Alexander Laszlo which was recorded for the Seattle's World's fair in 1962. Re-issued under the title This World Tomorrow in 1965. From the liner notes: "In this Musical Panorama, a man of today is led by his future self from the 21st century. After a musical introduction based on 'This World-Tomorrow' fanfares and sung by the demanding voices of the Choir of Mankind, the two identities of the immortal soul are speeding by musical monorail into the future. Driven by curiosity and enthusiasm they live through, step by step, many phases of living conditions in the Space Age" Price plays dual roles, voicing a man of today who journeys into the world of the future, as well as the 21st century host, who explains all the technological marvels of this future civilization. Narration written by Dr. Wesley LaViolette.
Side One: Introduction, Monorail, Walk Around the House, Sonic Entrance Signal, Illumination, Worldwide Receiving, Phone Magic, Computer Robot, Shine, Rain and Glory.
Side Two: Hundred a Minute, In an Automated Supermarket, The "Dapper Dandler", Atom for Humanity, Deep, Deep Sea, Turn Skyward into Space, Universal Love, Grand March "Century Twentyfirst"

The Family At Christmas - Salvation Army of Stars [Lexicon, 1963]
The Inspirational World Of Music – The Salvation Army Laureate Band & The Sunshine and Snowflakes Children's Choir.
Side One: Greetings from Eva Burrows, We'll Dress This House, Thank you Lord for Christmas Day, Winter Melody, Why did you make this Army Church?, What Child Is This, When I See Children, Over In Bethlehem, Angels, Tinsel, Where's Christmas?
Side Two: Jingle Bells, White Christmas, Happy Birthday Baby Jesus, Souvenirs in Bethlehem, Away In A Manger, Youth, Some Children See Him, Sleigh Ride, Oddities, Little Drummer Boy, Eva Burrows concluding remarks.
(VP selections listed in italics)

Darling of the Day (cast album) [RCA Victor, 1968]

The Song of Moses [Century Records, 1968]
By David Ward-Steinman
Side One: Part I: The Call; Moses, Moses; How Excellent Is Thy Name; Who is the Lord?
Side Two: Part II: The Battle; And the Lord Spoke Unto Moses: March; Why Have We Done This?; Why Hast Thou Led Us Away?; Sing Ye to the Lord.
Side Three: Part III: The Heresy; Ye Have Seen What I Did; Mount Sinai; Make Us Gods to Go Before Us; Dance to the Golden Calf; What did this People Unto Thee?; Would to God we Had Died.
Side Four: Part III: The Heresy; Pity, Lord Pity; Out of the Depths; Part IV: The Death of Moses; Be Strong and of Good Courage; The Lord Bringeth Thee into a Good Lane; Give Ear, O Ye Heavens; There Arose Not a Prophet Since
Narrator: Vincent Price ~ Howard Hill conducting The San Diego State College Symphony Orchestra ~ With: Moses: David M Loomis (baritone) ~ Pharaoh: Leonard A Johnson (tenor) ~ Aaron: Victor Merth (tenor) ~ Voice: Doris Jean Stone (soprano)

Witchcraft and Magic [Capitol Records, 1969]
SWBB-342 Stereo - Two Record Set
Written and Directed by Terry d' Oberoff. Producer: Roger Karshner. Electronic score by Douglas Leedy.
The secrets of witchcraft and magic revealed by Vincent Price, distinguished actor and demonologist. A Note from producer Roger Karshner: “In this album we have attempted to bring to the listener the essential elements of Witchcraft and Magic, authentically and dramatically. Terry d'Oberoff's script is historically sound and is beautifully written, with satanic, dramatic brilliance. Mr. Price's interpretation is indeed masterful. His voice surrounds you, lifts your mind and transport it across the landscape of Hell.” Quite easily the best of Vincent Price's many recordings. Here Price’s superb dramatic reading is beautifully enhanced by an inventive use of stereo, along with echo and sound effects that most of Price’s other recordings lack. There is also a very subtle music score and atmospheric readings from three un-credited actresses, who play the witches from Shakespeare's Macbeth.

Spiro T. Agnew Is A Riot [Cadet Concept, 1970]

Tales of Witches, Ghosts and Goblins [Caedmon, 1972]
TC—1393 Stereo Time: 43:37
Directed by Gordon Davidson.
Vincent Price received a 1973 Grammy Award nomination for this recording (best spoken word album).
Side One: The Smoker (edited by Alan Garner, freely adapted from an Iroquois legend); Prayer (John Day); To become a Werewolf (traditional); To Raise the Dead (traditional); The Witches Reel (traditional, North Berwick); The Broomstick (Oliver Wendell Holmes); Sweden (concerning the practice of witchcraft in that country); The Phantom Merry-Go-Round (Carl Carmer).
Side Two: A Pair of Gloves (Carl Carmer); Gobbleknoll, (edited by Alan Garner and transposed from a Sioux folktale); The Lone Grave (Carl Carmer).

A Coven Of Witches Tales [Caedmon, 1972]
TC—1338 Stereo
Side One: To Summon Another Witch; Old Sal's Curse; To Make A Witch Pockmarked; Buba Yaga (Russian Folk Tale); To Cause a Witch To Die.
Side Two: The Bewitched Court (Welsh Folk Tale); The Stone King.

A Graveyard of Ghost Tales [Caedmon, 1973]
TC—1429 Stereo Time: 57:28
Side One: The Lavender Evening Dress; Bond of Reunion; Harp Notes in the Mist; The Tale of the White Dove; Magic Candle to Find Treasure.
Side Two: Hand of Glory; Protection Against the Hand of Glory; The Ghostly Hand of Spital House; The Leg of Gold.

His Son: The Life And Times Of Jesus [Harper & Row, 1973]
Time: 57:02 ~ Two Record Set
Vincent Price tells the story of Jesus in verse, adapted by Samuel Walkov from the New Testament.
Side One: The Nativity, The Old Age Of Youth, The Early Ministry Of Jesus Christ.
Side Two: Peter Encounters Jesus, Jesus Crosses Paths With Miriam.
Side Three: The Trials Of Jesus Before Pontius Pilate, Across The Crown With A Cross, The Crucifixion.
Side Four: Reality Betrays Us All, The Blessed Redemption, The Heavens Have Been Grieved This Day, Virtue Hath Its Own Reward.

The Imp of the Perverse and Other Tales [Caedmon, 1975]
TC—1450 Stereo Time: 52:45
Another Poe trilogy of terror, as Vincent Price reads Morella and gives a superlative performance of Berenice.

The Gold Bug [Caedmon, 1975]
TC—1449 Stereo Time: 53:50
Directed by Barbara Holdridge.
Poe’s famous story of detection is read by Vincent Price (slightly abridged).

Welcome To My Nightmare [Atlantic, 1975]

A Hornbook for Witches [Caedmon, 1976]
TC—1497 Stereo Time: 58:02
Stories and Poems for Halloween ~ Warlock: Vincent Price
Side One: How to See Ghosts or Surely Bring Them to You (Maria Leach); A Hornbook of Witches (Leah Bodine Drake); Witches on the Heath (Leah Bodine Drake); The Ballad of Jabberwock (Leah Bodine Drake); All-Saints Eve (Leah Bodine Drake); Dreamland (Edgar Allan Poe); The Sands of Dee (Charles Kingsley); Thus I Refute Beezly (John Collier).
Side Two: Don't (Maria Leach); The Water Ghost of Harrowby Hall (John Kendrick Bangs).
Re-issued on Harper audiocassette in 1996, under the title TALES OF TERROR.

Ligeia [Caedmon, 1976]
TC—1483 Stereo Time: 47:05
Ten years after making Roger Corman's TOMB OF LIGEIA, Price gives an outstanding dramatic reading of Poe's original story, which includes the classic Poe poem, "The Conqueror Worm".

International Cooking Course [Nelson Industries, 1977]
Twelve Record Set
Vincent Price describes a variety of recipes and cooking techniques from around the world. Re-issued as the Beverly Hills Cookbook (on 12 cassettes).
1) Dining At Versailles – French Haute Cuisine. 2) Food Of The Gods – Greek Cuisine. 3) Cuisine Italia. 4) Dinner At The Casbah – Moroccan Cuisine. 5) The Bard's Board – Food from Shakespearian Times. 6) Foods From The Austro-Hungarian Empire.
7) La Cocina Mejicana. 8) Bounty Of Paradise – Polynesian cuisine. 9) The Wok – a study in Chinese stir-fry. 10) Exotic Delights of the Far East – foods of India. 11) Classical Spanish Cuisine. 12) Delights From The Sultan's Pantry – food from the Middle-East / Arabia.

Wine is Elegance [Nelson Industries, 1977]
Bonus recording from Cooking Course.

Monster Mash/The Bard's Own Recipe [EMI, 1977]

Goblins at the Bath House & The Calamander Chest [Caedmon, 1977]
TC—1574 Stereo
On Side One, Price reads Ruth Manning-Sanders story The Goblins at the Bathhouse (15:01). Side Two is Joseph Payne Brennan's Calamander Chest (20:10).

Fancies and Goodnights [Caedmon, 1980]
TC—1652 Stereo Time: 52:30
Directed by Ward Botsford.
Side One: The Touch of Nutmeg Makes It; Evening Primrose
Side Two: Evening Primrose (conclusion).

Thriller [Sony, 1982]

Stories From the Book of Wonder [Caedmon, 1982]
TC—1693 Stereo Time: 45:37
Directed by Ward Botsford.
Side One: The Club Secretary (from Jorkens Remembers Africa); The Hoard of the Gibbelins (from The Book of Wonder).
Side Two: Chu-Bu and Sheemish (from The Book of Wonder); Making Fine Weather (from The Fourth Book of Jorkens).

The Great Mouse Detective (soundtrack) [Varese Sarabande, 1992]

The Haunted Mansion: 30th Anniversary Limited Edition [RedDotNet/Disney, 2001]

The World In Music: Songs From the United Nations [Unknown]

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