Over the past several years, Vincent's daughter Victoria began selling items from her father's estate on eBay.  The images below were taken from the eBay site.  I don't own any of these items.

Vincent Price as a child. The fathers of Vincent Price and Orson Welles, childhood friends. Amateur magician Vincent Price, Sr. with Orson Welles' father and another friend.
Tim Burton and Vincent Price. Vincent having dinner with friends, including actress Tallulah Bankhead. The cast of the 1950's play 'Goodbye Again,' including Vincent Price and Jerry Orbach
Vincent and Coral in the play 'Ardele' in the 1980's. Detailed instructions, annotated by Price, for a production of 'Diversions and Delights.' A rare photo from the 1939 production of 'Ouward Bound.'
Vincent and the character he voiced in Disney's 'The Great Mouse Detective.' Three wonderful photos of Vincent and third wife Coral Browne.
  Pencil sketches by Vincent Price. A framed sketch by Price.
Vincent L. Price, Sr. Price's mother, Marguerite Cobb Wilcox Price. A poignant scene of Vincent Price attending an art exhibition near the end of his life.
Two watercolor sketches by Vincent Price.

Price with actor and singer Paul Robeson.

Three portraits of Vincent Price, from opposite ends of his career.
Baby Vincent with his sister.    

The Vincent Price Exhibit

Created May 27, 2009, Richard D Squires.