Halloween 2007. Burbank, California-based FX makeup artist Russ Lukich sent me some terrific pictures of his Dr. Phibes Halloween ensemble.  Here they are, with some description from Russ himself:

"I also was Dr. Phibes for Halloween this year . The party was only announced about a week and a half before the event but I decided to do Phibes. I did a really quick sculpt of Price on my lifecast , I'm a bit rounder than he is...lol, and found an eBay seller who would alter a robe they sold for me. I even made a portable Victrola horn/speaker and had a microphone in the mask.  It came together by party night."

See more of Russ's work HERE.  And if you'd like to write to him, you can do so at russ@fxwork.com
All photos on this page copyright Russ Lukich

The Vincent Price Exhibit

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