Cry of the Banshee as Lord Edward Whitman

Cover of the film's pressbook. Elisabeth Bergner, who started her career costarring with Laurence Olivier, appeared here as a witch. No matter how much AIP insists, Poe had absolutely nothing to do with the film!

The Abominable Dr. Phibes as Dr. Anton Phibes

Price's make-up had to make it look as though he was wearing a mask to hide his horribly burned features.

Phibes gazes at the stars.

Phibes offers his lovely assistant, Vulnavia, some champagne. Price and costar Terry-Thomas became good friends... ...even though the comedian was bled dry by Phibes and Vulnavia.

An early victim finds his room filled with bats. And the bats know what to do. The police are at a loss.

Phibes and some locusts... ...take care of another victim! Joseph Cotten as Dr. Vesalius, Phibes' final victim.  Price and Cotten first worked together in the 1930's.

An industry ad for Phibes.  AIP never did make 'House of the Seven Gables,' and 'Gingerbread House' eventually became 'Who Slew Auntie Roo?' 'Phibes' was promoted as being Price's 100th film and garnered more publicity for that reason. The Phibes likeness was licensed to the makers of high-end latex masks.

Some playful nonsense on the cover of the film's pressbook. Designer Brian Eatwell's fantastic art deco sets are seen to good advantage. The evil Dr. Phibes!

Forrest J. Ackerman got himself made up as Phibes for an issue of 'Famous Monsters.' Lead sheets for Basil Kirchin's main Phibes themes.  


  Fantastic early promotional material for the film.  Peter Cushing was originally slated to costar as Phibes' nemesis, Dr. Vesalius.

Rare still of a scene apparently removed from the final film!    
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What's a Nice Girl Like You...? [TV] as William Spevin

The Aries Computer
Dr. Phibes Rises Again as Dr. Anton Phibes

Cover of the film's pressbook. Phibes and Vulnavia head to Egypt with a rare papyrus to bring his wife back to life. Between-scenes jollity, with Vulnavia (Valli Kemp), Phibes and Biederbeck (Robert Quarry).

Decorating their new Egyptian lair. AIP advertising for the film sequel.

Hammer stars Ralph Bates and Judy Geeson visit Price between scenes. Phibes shows Vulnavia how to break. Phibes' mask make-up was even more theatrical in this film.

Some of the ad art resembled the pictures-in-the-face style of Price's earlier 'Masque of the Red Death.'  
Frankie Howerd visits the set to joke with Price.  Some sources have reported that the comic was supposed to have appeared in one of the Phibes films. Valli Kemp as Vulnavia  
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Theatre of Blood as Edward Lionheart

The theatre in flames! Lionheart, as Shylock, removes Harry Andrews' heart. Price posing with his gang of meths drinkers at London's Kensal Green Cemetery.

The future Mrs. Price -- Coral Browne  -- getting a beauty treatment from Lionheart. Ageing English sex goddess Diana Dors getting a massage from Lionheart which eventually leads to her death. Ian Hendry discovers the hard way that Edward Lionheart is alive.

Robert Morley, Dennis Price, Robert Coote and Ian Hendry listen to an embittered Edward Lionheart. Clutching the award that Lionheart feels he was cheated of by the critics. Lionheart's faithful daughter, played by Diana Rigg, dies in her father's arms.

A French advertisement. Rare photo of Price (as Richard III) and director Douglas Hickox. Lionheart decapitating a sleeping critic (Arthur Lowe).

Michael Hordern wonders why the police won't help him. How to stuff a critic -- Lionheart style. Lionheart's heartbreaking farewell to his daughter.


Annabel Lee [short] as the Narrator

Apparently a short film, it's hard to find much info about Annabel Lee.


The Devil's Triangle as the Narrator


Madhouse as Paul Toombes

Pressbook cover for Price's final AIP film. Clever costume party scene with Robert Quarry dressed as Count Yorga!  Adrienne Corri is on the left. Price in peril on a killer canopy bed!

Peter Cushing's costume party outfit. Peter Cushing  

Price and his inept horror show costar. Cushing vs. Price! Vincent and Adrienne Corri.

  Price made up to look younger for the film's early flashback scenes. Price goes round the bend one more time.


The cover of Famous Monsters featured a beautiful painting of Price in his Dr. Death make-up. When the film was announced in this AIP annual report, it was to be titled 'The Revenge of Dr. Death.'  It was released under that title in Australia.  

Percy's Progress (It's Not the Size That Counts) as Stavos Mammonian

Leigh Lawson, Denholm Elliott and Vincent Price in a comedy sequel to 'Percy,' the story of the world's first penis transplant!

Journey Into Fear as Dervos

Vincent Price and an all-star cast in a badly distributed thriller. Sam Waterston Shelley Winters

The Butterfly Ball as the Narrator

Days of Fury as the Narrator

A quickie disaster documentary narrated by Vincent Price.

Chris and the Magical Drip [short] as Himself

Scavenger Hunt as Milton Parker

You'd think that with a cast this big they'd find a spot for Vincent's name on the ads! However, his non-speaking, pre-credits death scene was considered a cameo.

The Monster Club as Eramus

The film was serialized in a British comic book format. Price and Carradine, together again! John Carradine, as writer R. Chetwynd-Hayes, quizzes Vincent Price, as vampire Eramus.


Eramus prepares to join in the dancing at 'The Monster Club.'


Vincent [short] as the Narrator

House of the Long Shadows as Lionel Grisbane

What a cast! Peter Cushing, Vincent Price, Christopher Lee and John Carradine. Carradine and Sheila Keith, the inhabitants of the house.

Even when not playing Dracula, Christopher Lee has a hard time with pointed objects! Poor Louise English just washed her face in acid! Carradine, Keith, Cushing and Price share some brandy.

The film's greatest detriment was Desi Arnaz Jr. as the romantic lead.  Here he faces off with Vincent Price Arnaz and 'the girl,' Julie Peasgood. Sheila Keith bids farewell to 'brother' John Carradine.

Pogo for President: 'I Go Pogo' as The Deacon (voice)
Bloodbath at the House of Death as The Sinister Man

Vincent Price and his cult casting spells and swearing a lot!

America Screams [short] as Host

Even with a few dull interviews with rollercoaster designers, just watching Vincent riding the rails and reminiscing about "roly-coasters" makes this a terrific half hour of fun.

Escapes [video] as the Host
The Offspring (From a Whisper to a Scream) as Julian White

Genre favorite Martine Beswick goes to the electric chair under the gaze of 40's Hollywood star Lawrence Tierney, left. Price, as the storyteller linking the anthology together, raises a glass. Price with costar Susan Tyrell.  Vincent was reportedly upset by the themes of some of the script, not knowing what they were when he filmed his part.

Old friend and director Roger Corman visited the set. Another film, another death scene!  

The Great Mouse Detective as Professor Ratigan (voice)

Price and Candy Candido can be seen recording their voice roles in photos at the Disney/MGM park in Florida. Prof. Ratigan, voiced by Vincent Price, overshadowed the film's hero, Basil of Baker Street.

The Whales of August as Mr. Maranov

Vincent Price presents flowers to costar Lillian Gish in a lovely scene from a lovely film.

Dead Heat as Arthur P. Loudermilk

Vincent Price as the mysterious Arthur Loudermilk.

Backtrack (Catchfire) as Lino Avoca

Vincent Price as a mob kingpin. Director and star Dennis Hopper threatens star Joe Pesci, who is unbilled, even though he has a major role!

Edward Scissorhands as The Inventor

His last time on the big screen, thanks to Tim Burton. Vincent Price as the kindly inventor who creates the title character.

The Heart of Justice [TV]  as Reg Shaw

Arabian Knight (Thief and the Cobbler) as Zig Zag (voice)

Animator Richard Williams, voice actor Vincent Price and model for the Phido character, in 1968 when the film was begun.  By the time it was "completed," Price's voice was the only original one used, and Williams no longer had creative control.

Conversations With Vincent as Himself

Tim Burton interviews his idol at the East LA Vincent Price Gallery.


The Vincent Price Exhibit

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