House of Usher as Roderick Usher

The ad art still for Price's first AIP venture. Roderick tries to comfort sister Madeline (Myrna Fahey) as her lover (Mark Damon) looks on. Usher family servant Bristol (Harry Ellerbe, who also had a brief role in 'The Haunted Palace') looks upon the 'dead' Madeline.

"You buried your own sister ALIVE?!" Roderick's sensitive hearing brings him discomfort. Madeline is dead...or is she?

  The final scene.  You can see where the house set ends at the top right edge.  

Rage of the Buccaneers as Romero


  Playin' pirates in Italy!  

 Naked Terror as the Narrator
Queen of the Nile as Benakon


  All ageing stars go to Italy to make costume pictures in the 60's, including 40's costars Vincent Price and Jeanne Crain.  

 Pit and the Pendulum as Don Nicholas Medina

Window card poster. Don Medina (Price) goes mad and attacks Francis Barnard (John Kerr). Entering the torture chamber.


Great cover featuring a mad Vincent.    

Master of the World as Robur

Charles Buchinski, Vincent's costar from 'House of Wax,' was back.  Now he was known as Charles Bronson!

A coloring contest was one of the pressbook's suggestions!

For several of AIP's 60's films, a caricature was offered for use on the front page of the exhibitors' city's entertainment section of the paper.

Confessions of an Opium Eater (Souls For Sale) as Gilbert De Quincey

Price ventured to Allied Artists for this mind-bending film. Marina Cisternas, past president of the Hollywood Foreign Correspondents Association and designer of the Golden Globe Award, visits Price on the set. Vincent Price and Linda Ho in an atmospheric still.

The pressbook is filled with some incredible suggestions, like this crowd-pleaser! Something for the kiddies!  Get Vincent through the maze to safety. More politically incorrect PR ideas!

Convicts 4 as Carl Carmer



Vincent Price as real-life writer Carl Carmer.


Tales of Terror as Fortunato/Valdemar/Locke

Pressbook cover for Roger Corman's Poe anthology film. Several of Price's films for AIP were promoted through comic book versions. What a wonderful cast!

Another fine AIP caricature to advertise the film. Nothing like getting people to bring their black cats to the theater to drum up interest! A rare still showing a scene deleted from the final film; Price as Valdemar roaming the land of the dead!
Price as the bitter, drunken father in the 'Morella' segment.    

Tower of London as Richard of Gloucester


Corman and Price, this time at United Artists, rewriting history and Shakespeare!


The Haunted Palace as Charles Dexter Ward/Joseph Curwen

Great cast photo on the film's grand set. Cathie Merchant watches as Vincent prepares to sacrifice a victim to Cthulhu. The villagers confront the warlock and his mistress.

Lon Chaney, Jr., Milton Parsons and Vincent Price resurrect the warlock's mistress from Arkham Cemetery. Though billed as a Poe film, it's actually based on H.P. Lovecraft's novella 'The Case of Charles Dexter Ward.' Vincent Price, Milton Parsons and Lon Chaney, Jr.  Sadly, this was Chaney's only film for AIP.

The beautiful Debra Paget played Price's wife, as she had done in an episode of 'Tales of Terror.' Cathie Merchant and Vincent Price with their intended victim, Darlene Lucht. Leo Gordon, Frank Maxwell and John Dierkes are among the familiar faces about to burn Price alive.

Price, Frank Maxwell and Debra Paget. I find this PR still amusing because in the film, Chaney and Price are trying to raise Cathie Merchant from the dead.  Here, she's standing right next to them! Sierra Leone immortalized Vincent in 'The Haunted Palace' on a stamp in the early 2000's.

Cover of the pressbook.   Fine character actor Frank Maxwell played Dr. Willet.
  John Dierkes riles the villagers.  
Cathie Merchant as Hester Price, Milton Parsons and Chaney  

Beach Party as Big Daddy (uncredited)



The identity of the sleeping 'Big Daddy' wasn't revealed until the final moments of the film.


Chagall as the Narrator
The Raven as Dr. Erasmus Craven



Boris Karloff and Vincent Price duke it out in a wizard's duel.


Taboos of the World as the Narrator 
Twice-Told Tales as Alex Medbourne/Rappaccini/Gerald Pyncheon

Vincent in the 'House of Seven Gables' segment of 'Twice Told Tales.' Another comic book adaptation, but this time the film was made at United Artists.

Diary of a Madman as Simon Cordier

Cover of the British pressbook. The gentle judge prepares his beautiful subject (Nancy Kovack) for sculpting. A modest thriller, 'Diary of a Madman' led AIP to reign Price in.  His new contract forbade him to make a horror film for any other studio.


The Masque of the Red Death as Prince Prospero

Industry ad for the film, AIP's first Poe film made in England. Another great comic book adaptation. Jane Asher, Paul McCartney's girlfriend at the time, was the innocent the evil Price targeted.

The obligatory caricature, always fun! Probably the high point in AIP's poster art!  Debaucheries galore in the face of Vincent Price!  

The Last Man on Earth as Robert Morgan
The Comedy of Terrors as Waldo Trumbull

The pressbook cover says it all! Price as drunken out-of-work funeral director Waldo Trumbull. Closet Shakespearean landlord Mr. Black (Basil Rathbone) demands his rent.

Price reassures the maid of the man he just murdered. 1930's comic Joe E. Brown in his final role as a bewildered graveyard keeper. A better-than-average caricature.

Rathbone, Price, Lorre, Karloff and...Rhubarb?! If only Bela Lugosi had lived into the 1960's.  AIP would have used him well, too!  

War Gods of the Deep (City in the Sea) as The Captain

Known as 'City In the Sea' in England (a Poe title). Price, with David Tomlinson (fresh from 'Mary Poppins') and Tab Hunter. Price cuts a dashing figure as the tragic captain.

Mourning his dead wife.   The captain perishes trying to catch the woman who resembles his dear wife.

  AIP industry ad includes 'War-Gods' with youth-oriented beach films. Vincent Price and Tab Hunter.

Publicity ideas from the pressbook. If only the creatures in the film were as fearsome as the drawings in the ad!  They weren't! Epic style ad art for what is, considering its director, a profound disappointment!

Dr. Goldfoot and the Bikini Machine as Dr. Goldfoot

A silly, entertaining spy satire, Price was able to cut loose here! Publicity ideas.  And, no...that's not a whoopie cushion!  

Frankie Avalon had the lead, but Annette was seen only in an unbilled cameo. Price yukking it up as Dr. Goldfoot.  Note the shoes!  Diana Ross and the Supremes sang the theme song!  

Tomb of Ligeia as Verden Fell

Roger Corman's final Poe film is a gorgeous gothic romance with the series' first outdoor shooting! Vincent Price as tragic lover Verden Fell, haunted by the presence of the willful Lady Ligeia. The comic book version.

Gorgeous adult-oriented advertising added to the pressbook as a separate insert. Pictures from the Hollywood premiere, with Price, Carol Borland (Lugosi's costar in 'Mark of the Vampire') and the Bride of Frankenstein herself, Elsa Lanchester!  

Dr. Goldfoot and the Girl Bombs as Dr. Goldfoot

Vincent Price as a nun.  Just one of Dr. Goldfoot's many disguises in what is surely the actor's worst film ever! The combination of Vincent Price and Italian horror master Mario Bava should have resulted in a classic.  So what happened?! In case you missed the first picture, here's Vincent Price as a nun!

I can't even discuss these two.  Surely one of the most repellent comedy teams of all time. Oh, and fading teen idol Fabian was also entangled in this ghastly mess! Price also played a military general that Goldfoot kidnaps...but who cares?

House of 1,000 Dolls as Felix Manderville

Another international production, this time about white slavery. Great photo of Price as a magician involved with kidnapping. Everything about this film just screams 'exploitation'...even the pressbook!

The ads make it look more like soft porn!    

The Jackals as Oupa

A western set in South Africa, with Vincent Price as a grizzled old prospector. This still just begs for an explanation, but I don't have one! The film was a remake of 'Yellow Sky,' a 1948 western.


Witchfinder General (The Conqueror Worm) as Matthew Hopkins

Made in England under the title 'Witchfinder General,' AIP gave it a Poe connection in the states! Vincent Price as real-life witchfinder Matthew Hopkins.  Perhaps his strongest performance. An accused witch begs Hopkins for mercy.  She will get none.

The face of corruption. Rare behind the scenes photo of Price and an assistant going over the script. From the pressbook

  Here's an oddity!  An original advertising press sheet using artwork eventually used for 'The Oblong Box'! Click the icon above to read, in Matthew Hopkins' own words, his 'justification' for his work.

Spirits of the Dead as the Narrator (English version)

The film, of European origin, was picked up for distribution by American-International, who had Price record a few lines of narration for the beginning.

The Oblong Box as Sir Julian Markham

Pressbook cover. Vincent Price as the doomed Julian Markham. Once again, Poe's name was used to sell tickets, even though the plot bore no resemblance to the story!
Price's disfigured brother finds solace with the maid. Dr. Christopher Lee gets more than he bargained for from his latest dissection subject! Price and Lee's only scene together in the film, as Lee lies dying, unable to speak!
A far cry from their roles in 'Witchfinder General,' Price and Hilary Dwyer make a contented couple here.    

Scream and Scream Again as Dr. Browning

Cover of the film's pressbook. Behind the scenes, with Price and his stunt double watching how the action will go. Rather odd picture of Price in the advertisement for the film.

The Trouble with Girls (The Chautauqua) as Mr. Morality

That's right!  Vincent Price in an Elvis Presley film! Unfortunately, Price's role as circuit lecturer never shares screen time with 'The King.'

More Dead Than Alive as Dan Ruffalo

Vincent Price as colorful western character Dan Ruffalo.


The Vincent Price Exhibit

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