The Baron of Arizona as James Addison Reavis

A very unconventional western by director Samuel Fuller, the film is now a cult favorite.    

 Champagne for Caesar as Burnbridge Waters

The first of Price's string of great comedy performances.  It gave him the opportunity to act with his idol, Ronald Colman. Price played hyperactive soap tycoon Burnbridge Waters. Art Linkletter, another life-long friend, played obnoxious game show host Happy Hogan.
  Program from a short retrospective of Price's films (signed by Art Linkletter) held a couple years before Vincent's death.  This one details Champagne For Caesar.  

 Curtain Call at Cactus Creek as Tracy Holland

Walter Brennan, Eve Arden and Vincent Price.   Price played ham stage actor Tracy Holland in another great, over-the-top role.

His Kind of Woman as Mark Cardigan


Adventures of Captain Fabian as George Brissac

Vincent Price and Errol Flynn square off in Flynn's production, originally titled The Bargain. Errol Flynn was attempting to push back the hands of time with his 1950s films.  Drink and fast living had taken their toll. Price and Micheline Prelle.

Price was shorted his salary and ended up successfully suing his producers and costar.    

Pictura as Narrator

  Rare photo from Pictura shows Price speaking about art to a group of students.  

The Las Vegas Story as Lloyd Rollins

Another Howard Hughes production.  Jane Russell and Price remained close for the rest of his life.    

House of Wax as Professor Henry Jarrod

The film that started everything!  Vincent Price: horror great was born. Price as Henry Jarrod, an artist with a tender spot for beauty. But after a fire leaves him crippled and maimed, his love of the horrific grows.

Henry Jarrod in his wax museum. The film has been re-released many times through the years, in its original 3D.  Here's an ad from the 1980s. Roy Roberts about to meet his doom.

Director Andre De Toth and stars Phyllis Kirk and Vincent Price in a gag shot.  The funniest thing was that De Toth had but one eye and couldn't see 3D! The cover page of the film's script.  Note the original title The Wax Works.  The movie was a remake of the 1933 film Mystery of the Wax Museum. The cover of a French souvenir booklet for the film.  Images of the killer's face were kept under wraps.



The fantastic horror artist Basil Gogos painted this portrait of the horribly scarred Henry Jarrod for Famous Monsters of Filmland.    

The Mad Magician as Don Gallico/Gallico the Great

3D was big business following House of Wax with everyone attempting to duplicate its success.  Columbia even got Price to star in theirs! Vincent Price as the put upon magician.  

 Dangerous Mission as Paul Adams


  Price in the climactic scene.  

 Casanova's Big Night as Casanova (uncredited)


  Vincent Price in his unbilled cameo as Casanova, who allows bumbling Bob Hope to impersonate him.  

The Story of Colonel Drake [short] as Colonel Drake


  Discovering oil in Titusville, Pennsylvania.  

Son of Sinbad as Omar Khayyam


  Vincent having fun as legendary poet Omar Khayyam.  

The Vagabond King as the Narrator (uncredited)
Serenade as Charles Winthrop

Window card poster for the film. Definitely not a friendly gathering, Mario Lanza stares down Vincent Price as Sarita Montiel and Joan Fontaine look on.  

The Ten Commandments as Baka


  As Baka, the pharoah's master builder.  Picture from the film's souvenir booklet.  

While the City Sleeps as Walter Kyne

The pressbook for Fritz Lang's film. Vincent Price as a newspaper publisher. A terrific cast in an underappreciated film.

The Story of Mankind as The Devil

What a cast!  What an awful film! Price (as the Devil) and Carradine (as Pharoah): together again!  

House on Haunted Hill as Frederick Loren

One of many tense moments between husband Vincent Price and wife Carol Ohmart. A scene that was replicated in the 1999 remake.  

The Fly as François Delambre


  Herbert Marshall and Vincent Price not giggling, as they did while filming the famous climactic scene.  

The Bat as Dr. Malcolm Wells

Agnes Moorehead (left) watches as Vincent handles an unwelcome guest.    

The Big Circus as Hans Hagenfeld

  Vincent as the Ringmaster.  

The Tingler as Dr. Warren Chapin

Price about to administer an injection of LSD to experience uncontrolled fear. Darryl Hickman watches as Vincent places the Tingler back into its cage. What better subject for a fear experiment than a cheating wife?

  The film has been revived many times over the years, including at this William Castle retrospective in the 1980's.  

Return of the Fly as François Delambre

Injured by his misshapen nephew, Vincent begs to see the police. Watching to see if the experiment can be reversed.  


The Vincent Price Exhibit

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