Though he didn't star in the 100 films that American-International Pictures claimed he had (at least by 1971, when they made that claim), he did appear in dozens of motion pictures so diverse in quality and type as to make one wonder how one man could have had a hand in them all!

For a list of films that almost were, or that Vincent had his name attached to at one time or another, please click here.

Service de Luxe as Robert Wade

Vincent Price and Constance Bennett in his first film. A glass slide 'coming attraction,' typical of the 1930's. Price, Bennett and great comic actor Charles Ruggles.

A picture-filled souvenir booklet about the film.  Click on it to see the entire thing.    

Tower of London as Duke of Clarence 

A re-release pressbook.  Note how the film was sold as a horror film and not an historical drama. Vincent as the doomed Duke of Clarence, with Ian Hunter and Basil Rathbone.  

The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex as Sir Walter Raleigh

Brigham Young as Joseph Smith 

A great cast in Hollywood's retelling of the birth of the Mormon religion. Vincent Price as Mormon founder Joseph Smith, shortly before his horrific death at the hands of a mob.  

Hudson's Bay as King Charles II
  John Sutton, Paul Muni, Laird Cregar, Nigel Bruce, Virginia Field and Vincent Price line up for a terrific photo!  

Green Hell as David Richardson
  Vincent Price dies from a poisoned arrow in the opening minutes of James Whale's film.  
The Invisible Man Returns as Geoffrey Radcliffe 


  John Sutton and Nan Grey with an agitated (and bandage-wrapped) Vincent Price.  

The House of the Seven Gables as Clifford Pyncheon

Vincent Price as Clifford Pyncheon. Price even had the opportunity to sing this song in the film! A tense moment.  Dick Foran, Nan Grey, Vincent and Margaret Lindsay are the couples.

The Song of Bernadette as Vital Dutour

Dastardly Price attempts to convince little Bernadette (Jennifer Jones) to recant her statement. The poster art, as seen on this souvenir book, was painted by Norman Rockwell. Jennifer Jones stands before the tribunal.

The Eve of St. Mark as Private Francis Marion

Harry Morgan grieves as Vincent Price dies    

The Keys of the Kingdom as The Rev. Angus Mealey

The film was Gregory Peck's first.  Costar Roddy McDowall would become Price's lifelong friend.    

 Laura as Shelby Carpenter

Gene Tierney as Laura and Vincent Price as the southern weakling Shelby Carpenter. The theme song, by David Raksin, became a standard. Costar Clifton Webb hadn't made a film since the silent era.  Laura earned him an Oscar nomination.

 Wilson as William Gibbs McAdoo

  Images from the film's souvenir program.  

Leave Her to Heaven as Russell Quinton

Cornel Wilde and Gene Tierney face a jealous Vincent Price.    

 A Royal Scandal as Marquis de Fleury

William Eythe, Charles Coburn and Vincent Price. The incomparable Tallulah Bankhead as Catherine the Great. More hijinks between Eythe and Price.

Shock as Dr. Cross

This film was Price's first 'star' vehicle.  Intended to be a B film, it ended up as an A picture. Lynn Bari and Vincent Price made a very dark couple.  

Publicity puzzle from the film's pressbook.    

 Dragonwyck as Nicholas Van Ryn

Though billed third, the film really belonged to Price.  His role as wealthy Hudson Valley landowner Nicholas Van Ryn, was his first gothic character. Costume test for Price. The pressbook played down the costume picture aspect, instead linking the film's publicity to then current fashions.

From this pressbook article, it sounded as though Price's character was to meet a much worse fate than he actually does. Price as Nicholas and Gene Tierney as the country girl Miranda. Again, note the modern dress style in this ad for a costume picture.


The Long Night as Maximilian

Great ad for a film noir classic. Henry Fonda and Vincent Price, as Maximilian the magician. Price as Maximilian on stage for his magic act.  Barbara Bel Geddes is on the right.

  Years later, Price attends a posthumous tribute to costar Henry Fonda, with Ernest Borgnine and Fonda's widow Shirlee. Photo by Long Photography, Inc.  

 Moss Rose as Inspector Clinner
Vincent Price and the legendary Ethel Barrymore.    
The Web as Andrew Colby

Vincent Price and Ella Raines.    

Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein as the Invisible Man (voice, uncredited)


  Price voiced the final line of the film, as the Invisible Man.  

 Rogues' Regiment as Mark Van Ratten

Vincent Price and Steve McNally, another great film villain.    


Price and Philip Ahn, who would one day play Master Kan in the TV show Kung Fu.   Steve McNally, Vincent Price, Dick Powell and director Robert Florey on the set.

 Up in Central Park as Boss Tweed


  Vincent Price, miscast as Boss Tweed, greets Universal's musical star Deanna Durbin.  

 The Three Musketeers as Cardinal Richelieu

MGMs adaptation had the look of a musical, but without the songs. Frank Morgan, Angela Lansbury and Vincent Price.  Due to the Hollywood production code that prohibited clergy portrayed as villains, Price's Richelieu was not costumed as such. Vincent Price and Lana Turner. 

The Bribe as Carwood


  It was footage of Price from this film that was spliced into Steve Martin's 1982 comedy Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid.  

 Bagdad as Pasha Ali Nadim

An exotic looking Vincent Price. Wonderful, gaudy ad art.  

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