Two questions I am often asked:

  • "Is the Vincent Price Exhibit an actual museum I can visit?"

    Though everything you see displayed on these pages is in my personal collection (unless indicated otherwise), I do not have it available for public display.  Maybe someday.  But until that happens, this website is the best I can do!

  • "How can I contact the Vincent Price Estate?"

    I suggest getting in touch with Victoria Price at her place of business:

    1512 Pacheco Street
    Building B, Suite 102
    Santa Fe, NM 87505


  • "I have a painting (or other artwork) from the Sears Vincent Price Collection.  Can you tell me anything about it or how much it might be worth?"

    There were literally thousands of artworks selected by Vincent Price for the Sears fine art program over the years.  Often, the only things known for sure about these pieces were included on stickers placed on the back of them.  I doubt that any comprehensive accounting exists, even with the Sears Archives (see links page).  As for the value of any piece of art, your best bet is to consult a reputable dealer/appraiser who can give you the benefit of his/her expertise.  The fact that a piece of art is labeled as once having been offered as part of the Sears Vincent Price Collection probably won't add much extra value to it.

  • Please feel free to contact me.



The Vincent Price Exhibit

Created May 27, 2009, Richard D Squires.