What little time remained between his film productions, television appearances, lectures and other other endeavors, Vincent Price would often fill by doing commercials and advertisements for a wide range of products and services.  Here is an incomplete list.

American Dairy Association, 1981-1985

Vincent Price's affiliation with the American Dairy Association kept him in the public eye through print, store advertising and on television.

Angostura Bitters, 1971-1973

  How he must have loved this ad campaign, portraying Lorenzo De Medici, patron of the arts!  

Bantam Books, Agatha Christie Mystery Collection, 1987
Best Western Motels, 1973-1974

  With his ongoing lecture schedule, Price was a natural for travel and hotel advertising!  

Birds Eye, 1971
Busch Gardens, 1984-1988
Citibank, 1985

  He could even look devilish for this Citibank credit card ad!  

Cousins Submarines, 1984-1989
Creamettes, 1976-1977

  A gentler, friendlier Vincent was more typical for his food and cooking endorsements.  

Discount Travel International, 1985
Emba Mink

  This ad, for mink apparel, got Price in hot water with animal rights groups.  

Gaviscon, 1984-1987
Gold Filled Jewelry, 1950s

  Vincent and wife Mary appeared in this print ad for gold-filled jewelry.  

Hallmark, 1987

  Vincent appeared in a video featuring scenes from classic horror and sci-fi films for Hallmark.  

Haunted Hayrides, 1990-1991

  One of Price's final ad assignments, his likeness was used even after his death.  

Haywards Pickles, 1977-1981, 1987
Hitachi, 1976-1979
Infamous Cookies, 1977-1979
Krusteaz Baking Mix, 1979
The Masters Condominium, 1973
Merchants Bank, 1973-1974
Milton Bradley Co., 1974-1984

  Still a hot item on eBay, and even spoofed in an episode of The Simpsons, the dried apple/shrunken head kit is a classic!  

Monster Vitamins, 1974-1975

  You can just tell that Vincent is enjoying himself in this advertisement!  

NZ Listener, 1989-1990
Nestle's Souptime, 1976-1977
Nikon, 1986-1987
Polaroid, 1984-1985

  There was a corresponding television version of this ad for VHS tapes.  

Price's Patent Candle Co., 1984-1985
Promise Toothpaste, 1981
Rueben's Restaurant, 1984
Samsung, 1984
Sears-Roebuck Co.

Price's affiliation with Sears went beyond his line of fine art.  Among his other lines was this specially-packaged box of chocolates.  His likeness also appeared on sketch pads and a home-movie making kit. Here's an ad for Sears carpeting and appliances which also plugged his latest cookbook.

Southwestern Bell, 1980, 1990
Sun Country, 1985-1986
Sun Giant Raisin, 1974

  If Ray Bradbury can advertise prunes, Vincent can certainly do his part for raisins!  


  Though he didn't physically appear in this ad, Vincent and Mary's famous cookbook did!  

Tang, 1970-1971
Tilex, 1985-1989

  Price pulled out all the stops for his print and television Tilex ads!  

Time-Life Books, 1984-1987

  Vincent seems right at home with Time-Life's fairies, ghosts and wizards.  He also did a TV version.  

United Telecom, 1983-1984
Van Heusen Shirts, 1954
The Vincent Price Book Selection, 1970s

  Early in the 1970's, Price lent his name to a range of (probably) remaindered books to be sold in variety- and drugstores.  

 Wesson Light Touch Shortening, 1970-1971
Wishbone Salad Dressing, 1971
Worlds of Fun, 1985
Zero Weed Killer, 1984

The Vincent Price Exhibit

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