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Western Kountry Klub (Page 1)

This is the bar that George Strait's character Dusty visited after leaving his grandmother's house. It is actually a BYOB Dance Hall and NOT a bar as it was portrayed in the movie. It is located between Midlothian and Mansfield, TX on Highway 287. It is only open on Saturday nights from 8-12 P.M.

This is the same road that George Strait walked down to reach the bar on the movie. You will probably recognize the hill and the tree at the top on the left side of the road.

This is another view of the same road just closer to the dance hall parking lot.

This is similar to the distant view of the bar they show on the movie as Dusty gazes down the hill towards it. The most noticeable difference is the plant that has been built on the left side of the road. In the movie this plant had not yet been built and the field where it sets was bare and very green.

This is a view of the parking lot where George Strait got in a fight with the cowboy named Al who was making unwanted advances towards Harley Tucker(Isabel Glasser). According to the club owner the rain in the movie was created by a sprinkler system.

Me standing at the approximate location of the fight that took place between George Strait and the cowboy harrassing Harley.

A side of the bar that was not shown in the movie.

Virginia Clark standing beside the new sign promoting the dance hall as a Pure Country Film Location.