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The Pure Country Website

Website created on 5-11-04

Hi, this website was created and maintained by Lucas Speer and Virginia Clark. Welcome to our Pure Country Website!!! We have created this website to share some of the many photos that we have taken of various film locations used in the movie Pure Country with fellow George Strait fans around the world. Have you ever watched Pure Country and wondered where is that dancehall, cemetery, ranch, etc.? Well, so have we and it is our hope that this website will provide the visitor with a virtual tour of the many filming locations that were used in the movie. Being huge George Strait fans ourselves, we absolutely loved touring and photographing these film locations. The whole purpose of this website is to share this experience with other fans and we sincerely hope that you enjoy your visit!!!

Welcome to our website and to our very special tour of the Pure Country Film Locations in Texas!!!

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Visit the town where George Strait got his haircut and shave in the movie!

Cresson Cemetery
Take a stroll through the actual cemetery George walked through in the movie!

Western Kountry Klub (Two Pages of Photos!)
Visit this historic Texas Dancehall where Dusty met Harley in the movie and dance to some authentic Country Music!

The Tucker Ranch
See the ranch used for all of the roping scenes in Pure Country!


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