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The Kitchen ~ The Heart of the Home

Come on in and have a seat!

Whatever ails you, this is the place to come for a cure...

From bread to love spells, anything can happen in here!

Sisters talking in the kitchen (Typical, don't you agree?!)

The New England-style home also features a roomy kitchen -- the heart of the house -- which centers around a British aga-gas stove.

"The aga is almost like a shrine," elaborates Standefer. "This is the place where they do their work; it's where they place the caldron."

The pantry features shelves of home-canned foods -- the kind of thing past generations of women used to spend their days filling which now fell to members of the prop department, who had to fill hundreds of jars.

Hungry for more?

The Eating Area

Off to the side of the kitchen is an eating area.

The women are seen here during the movie having way too much fun!
If you haven't seen it, check it out!

Makes me want a Midnight Margarita!