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The Witches Garden

Here we have the wonderful garden that the women cook with, clean up with, and cast with...

Sketch of The Garden

"The landscaping of the garden was also very, very important," continues Standefer.

"The aunts are dabbling herbalists, and the very nature of their heritage is to live off the earth.

The way they cook, the way they medicate themselves, the way they take care of their family -- it's all through the garden."
Different Views of The Garden

"The aunts' garden is lush with every herb imaginable."

On the last day of filming, just before the house and its greenery were to be dismantles, Robin picked the lettuce and made herself a celebratory salad.

From Victoria Magazine, Casting a Decorative Spell, October 1998
Herbal Wonders

The beauty of a garden... ~ Some of the herbs mentioned in the film ~
These will soon be links to descriptions and images!