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Welcome to Pix Chat
Bringing faces to blind chart rooms

Are you using your cell phone to chat wirelessly on Jumbuck Chat rooms? 
Are you wondering how the your chat pals person look like? 
Are you always requesting to trade picture?

Pix Chat allows  you to see a picture of the person you are chatting with or wanting to chat with.

It's so easy to participate. 

To be part of this craze and start viewing other photos of  wireless chat user on the Jumbuck chat rooms. Email with the following information or click on the email address which will open your email program.  

1) Nickname used in the chat room:
2) Photo of yourself via email attachment - preferred jpg or gif format
3) Cell phone number
4) Wireless provider: Cingular, Tmobile, AT&T, etc
5) Birth date: ccyymmdd

After verifying the information that you shared with Pix Chat is acceptable the following events will take place.

  • A text message will be sent to your cell phone to confirm your acceptance to post your information on our web site to be viewed by others.  Thus we require the name of your wireless provider.
  • You will need to reply a "Y" for yes for your approval to the email address provided in the SMS sent to you using your cell phone. 
  • Only the last four digits of your cell phone will be posted and will be used as a unique id as others may use a similar nickname as yours.  In short, your 10 digit cell number will NOT be posted.
  • Your birth date will be used to confirm that you are 18 years old or older.  Pictures of minors under 18 years old will not be posted.
  • Information posted to the site are:

    a) Nickname
    b) Photo
    c) Last four digits of cell number as a unique id

Your profile information must come from a valid email address as a reply will be sent back to the email address with instruction on how to view the photos on the Pix Chat site.

We hope you will participate and take the wireless chatting experience into a new exciting level.  Send your profile information now to





Disclaimer: This site is not associated with Jumbuck Chat in anyway.