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Jackie Chan in the United States

Pioneer of Action Cinema

What is a pioneer? The definition: Pioneer, inventor or innovator: a person or group that is the first to do something or that is a forerunner in creating or developing something new. Therefore a pioneer of entertainment is one who explores new territory in the areas of film, music, comedy, direction, and various other fields.

I have decided to dedicate my site to the various pioneers of entertainment, most prominently the area of film, it's pioneer being Jackie Chan.

Yes, THAT Jackie Chan, the one and only, the man, the myth, the legend. We can all only hope to one day be as talented and successful as him. Well, at least I'm hoping... Anyways, I don't think the man has recieved enough respect here in the states and that pisses me off. I mean, almost all the casual fans I know think he makes bad movies and they are cheesy and poorly made. Well they can go watch there american-made cheesys corny and poorly made action films, it's there own fault if they miss out. Most people don't know that Jackie won a lifetime acheivement award from MTV, and that he has fans all over the globe, more than any American star... Also, his fans include many US actors and celebrities (Some you cannot call actors) who actually have taken his ideas and used them in their own US Films.. Please continue to read more about this Pioneer of Film...

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