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Whether you are new to the FrontPage program or a more advanced user, we feel you will find our templates easy to use and modify. We've tried to make all of the instructions easy to follow. All you have to do is delete our content and add your own text and images. Easy!


Your Name Here:

We have used a sample "Your Name Here" image and have also included two blank images (one with the background color and one with the background plus the logo). You can open either blank image in your favorite imaging software program to add your own site name and/or logo using your favorite font and then insert it into your pages. We have placed this image on an include page (includes/logo.htm).

Copyright Information:

The copyright information can be easily changed by opening the footer.htm page located in the include folder. You will change the information once and it will be changed on all of the pages within your site.

Once the template is purchased, you may delete our credit and site link.

Style Sheets and Classes:

Each table cell within this template uses a CSS class to format the information contained within it. You can find which class was used by right-clicking in a table cell and selecting Cell Properties. In the window that appears, click on the Style Button. Under "Class" you will see the name of the name of the class we used. In FrontPage 2003, you can easily see which classes and/or IDs are applied to specific areas if you look at the "Quick Tag Selector" bar.

Our Services:

While we do not have the resources to change template images or colors on request, we do offer custom design services for these types of template modifications. We do not recommend you attempt to make major changes to this template package.

We also offer full customer support for our products. If you have a question regarding your template, just let us know and we'll quickly get you the answers you need.

While we try to make our templates easy to use, if you have questions or need specific "how-to" information, please check the Help Center of our site. If you do not find your answers there, please email us and we'll be happy to help.

Image Credits:
All images used in this template can be found either at the Microsoft Clip Art and Media site or from the Hemera Images site. The Microsoft site images are free for licensed users of Microsoft products; Hemera offers an affordable yearly licensing plan. See sites for more details.

Note: Images may only be used within this template and for your web site. Images can not be removed in any way for other uses.