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Let your visitors and customer know how you value and protect their privacy.  This is also a good area to let your visitors know of your refund policy, etc. If you have a license agreement, terms of service, or other legal statements, you may also want to post them here.


Search Engines

Get listed in the major search engines and directories. 

Our templates are "meta tag ready".  To add your own unique page description and keyword content, right click on the page and select Page Properties.  In the window that appears, click on the Custom tab.  Under "user variables", locate the description item and then click the modify button.  Add your own page description.  Next click on the keyword item, click the modify button, and add your keywords and phrases.

EULA Basic Facts:

You may use this web template and theme for one "entity." That is, you may use this web template as many times as you would like for yourself (for a public and an intranet site, for example), or you may use the web template as many times as you would like for a client, but you may not use it for both yourself and the client. If you want to use this template for multiple clients, you must purchase the product each time you use it. You may install the theme on multiple computers as long as all of them are for personal, internal, or educational use.  Please refer to the full license agreement that was included in your original download package.


We have included several extra shopping cart and icon buttons (found within the Images folder) which you can use in your pages.

blank button - add your own text buy now button
details button reset form button
submit form button view cart button

Learning Tip:

If you are just beginning, you may have clicked on the HTML tag and wondered what in the world all of those little tags mean. You can begin the learning process by seeing which tags enclose your text, tables, and other items. Go to View > Reveal Tags. This will show you the HTML coding while in the normal view.

Site Navigation:

The links shown at the top of each page use the standard FrontPage navigation bars set to "Global Level". This setting will show all pages on the same level as the home (index) page. The navigation in the colored block in the upper right area is set to "Child Pages Under Home". These are the pages which are directly below the Home page within the navigation view.

Some of these child pages also have pages below them. We have created a secondary link navigation (Sub-Menu) when necessary and have the properties set to either Child Level or Same Level as needed.