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FAQ/T&C and Terms and Conditions

Before you join Mauve Mobiles you must know exactly how it works. When you buy the Mauve Mobiles Signal Booster for £20 you are automatically entered onto the list for your selected mobile phone. Once enough new members have joined that list, the person at the top of the list receives their chosen mobile phone. The mobile phone is a free gift.

The following example shows five members being required to subsidise each phone:
Eric purchases the Signal Booster for £20. He is the first purchaser to register for his chosen mobile phone and goes to the top of the list. After five more people have bought the Signal Booster and registered for that phone, Eric receives his chosen mobile phone. The second person, Guy, to register for the mobile phone now goes to the top of the list. When the next five people have registered Guy receives his phone. And so on...


  An Example of a 5 Person Matrix
Eric buys a SB Eric needs 4 people to join
Guy buys a SB Eric needs 3 people to join
Miles buys a SB Eric needs 2 people to join
Jamie buys a SB Eric needs 1 person to join
Ryan buys a SB Guy needs 4 people to join
Asford buys a SB Guy needs 3 people to join
Nick buys a SB Guy needs 2 people to join
Larry buys a SB Guy needs 1 person to join
Chris buys a SB Miles needs 4 people to join

How long will I have to wait for my free mobile phone?
Your waiting time depends on a few things. The mobile phone you choose, the level of interest in your chosen mobile phone, the number of new people that you introduce and the length of your chosen list.

Can I get my free mobile phone any quicker?
If you personally recommend a friend then you will queue jump the person above you in the list. This will significantly reduce your waiting time. Using the example above, if you were 20th on the list and introduced one friend per day then you would be at the top of the list after 19 days.

Can I participate if Iím not in the UK?
Yes you can participate even if you're not in the UK. You can make your payment with Paypal in sterling, Euro's or US Dollars, or you can pay by international postal orders or cash. If you are not in the UK you have to pay a £10 surcharge to cover the cost of postage of your free gift.

What payment methods do you accept?
You can pay by credit card or debit card using secure Paypal or Stormpay payment. You can also pay with any UK debit card using Nochex secure server. This does not require you to have a Nochex account as it is processed through their Quickpay system.

Cash/UK and International Postal Order. If you are choosing to pay by cash or postal order we recommend that you use registered mail or special delivery. The payee space of postal orders must be left blank or we will not be able to accept your payment. For UK payments by post we allow 7 days from the date of order for payments to reach us. For International payments by post we allow 14 days from the date of order for payments to reach us. (We are currently setting up a P.O. Box - sorry for the delay)

Why isnít my name on the web site?
New members do not appear on the lists immediately because all transactions have to be manually confirmed. Once we have received your order we will await your payment. After your order has been placed you will receive an order confirmation email to the address you supply. After payment has been confirmed you will be added to your chosen list within 72 WORKING hours, and your Signal Booster will be dispatched. However, during busy times, your name may not appear on the site until after a week, if you do not see your name after a week please e-mail us at

Why have I not yet received my Signal Booster?
The average delivery time is inside 7 working days (we aim at next working day). However during busy periods this could be slightly longer. We try to ensure that Signal Boosters are promptly dispatched however if you have not received your Signal Booster within 14 working days then please contact us.

How do I introduce friends?
Just Tell them and get them to put your name as who they referred

Can I switch to a different list?
Unfortunately once you are in a list you can not change to a different list.

When will the lists next be updated?
Lists are normally updated at least once a day, but during busy periods this can not be guaranteed. We do not work weekends, so the lists are not updated at the weekend.

How do I Get my gift quicker?
Each time that you recommend a friend you will jump one place up the list. You must ask your friends to enter your name when prompted on the order form.

Is this a MLM or pyramid scheme?
No this is not a pyramid or MLM scheme. It is a straight line matrix system. What you are purchasing is a Signal Booster, not a place on the Matrix mobile phone list. The mobile phone is a free gift. You are also not required to recruit new members in order to receive your mobile phone, although you can if you would like to speed up the process.

What is your Privacy Policy?
We respect your privacy and will not share your personal information with any third parties. All customer information (name, email address and mailing address) is stored on a password protected database. Delivery details have to be confirmed before your order is shipped.



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