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Ein paar wirklich interessante Geschichten!!!

The Casebook of Mr and Mrs Remington Steele
Lisa Watson's fan fic
"Cold Steele"
"Memories Steele Preserved in Pictures"
"One Steele and Snowy Night"
"Quenched Steele"
"Steele Blades"
"Steele Christmas without you"
"Steele Dreaming"
"Steele in the Family Way"
"Steele Ties Don't Break"
"Steeling into the Knight"
"Will You Steele Need Me?"
Laura's Fan Fiction
Lisa R's FanFic page

Fan-Fic-Archive findet ihr hier:
Nancy's RS-FanFic-Archiv
The KrebsFiles
The Remington Steele FanFic Archive

Die Remington-Steele-FanFic-Mailingliste gibt's hier

Es existiert sogar ein Remington Steele-Fan-Fiction-Webring:
Interesse? Dann klick hier!