And it continues...

(Still messy, but whateva')


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You know how we do:

Matt, Me and Jon  This is a Classic Mark Picture  Rough night. Eh, Mark?  Another Random, but really fun



Some of my favorite gals:

        Graffiti @ Chi Lambda

Let's get this party started!   Coops, Rach, Me (Innie), and Chris 


         Recruitment Week!

Me and Chris as flight attendants.  Girlys before the new gals arrive  Linds, Me, and Courtney  @ the House on Pref. night  Lauren, Me and Genna cuddling... we're sleepy  Relaxing! Rach, Me, Mandi and Ang  Bid Day! DZ gets the most and the best!  Our new girls. Congrats!!  Cuddlin' on the couch  Me and Linds... soooo tired.  Rach and Me   Sleepover! Lindsay, Rach, Ang and Me 


           Sports Theme (Don't even say anything to me about the Packers shirt. I didn't have my Twins one here and the only thing they had at goodwill and it only was $1.50. Anyone want to burn it?) and Turtle Tug.

Ashley and Me @ FOB  The Gals looking their best.  Sports Theme @ FOB  Smile ladies.  Lauren, Christina, Steph, Jennie, Me, and Laura  Shakin' it like a polaroid picture  Steph and Rach  Cooper, Genna, Me and Christina  Genna and Me  Rach and Me livin' it up 



Let's see.. I couldn't stop laughing, Lindsey almost puked... it was hilarious!  TURTLE TUG!  Genna and Me 


             Homecoming 2003!

 Ash, Boo Boo, and Me  Partyin' it up at Guapos  Rachel, Jessy, Lindsay and Me  @ Guapos  Ash, Me and our homecoming mugs  Me, Richie, and Ash  Me and Ross  Me and Ash @ Sig Tau  Ash, Poon and Me... we lost a bet  Ash, Me and Chris @ Chi Lambda  Matt and Me at the parade  Me and Erin @ the parade                 


Halloween in Madtown (and our social at Chi Lambda)

Me and Genna as Cupid  Brian, Me and Futz  Naughty Boy! Cindy, Nikki, and Rach Me and Siv  Me and Sarah  Me, Jake, and Rach in Madison!  Me and Matt on State Street    Only Mark... Only Mark....  Jake, Me and Andy  Me and the Monkey  Dan, Jake and Matt  I'd expect nothing less from Mark  Hugh and Me  Rach, Me and Nikki  Eric, Jake, Matt and Dan  Mark and Andrew  Matt bongin' it.  Matt, Dan, Me and Eric  Jake and the aftermath. Its better than the desk in the hall though!  How we fit 13 people in this room, I'll never know. This is us watching porn. 



                Wine and Cheese and Thanksgiving Break





































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