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What is your favorite PB movie?
Silver Katana
Warm Pursuit
WC Commercial
Inquisition Symphony


When I was younger, there was a house on my street that I thought was haunted. At night you'd hear screams coming from all over the anyone who went in, never came out. Later I found out it was just a murderers house.



New Movie: Revenge!

Penguin Brothers Productions

(As of right now, our movie section is STILL under construction, however there are a few up and running.)



The Brothers



The unusually-intelligent, benevolent, frequently philosophical penguin brother. 

The merciless, fiercely violent, malicious and evil-hearted penguin brother. 

~"The longer I live the more I see that I am never wrong about anything, and that all the pains that I have so humbly taken to verify my notions have only wasted my time."

~"Then can he hope to have power over the demons that plague the mind and the body, pulling at the hair and grasping at the hands and screaming vile names into the airs of the night"



If you are gonna watch our movies, please read the following points:
  • Right-click on the link, save target as, and then watch it from your hard drive and...
  • Don't watch it if you can't listen to the music with it. Sometimes its almost crucial to the plot.
  • Unfortunately, most of these movies are made to play in Windows Media Player. Sorry! Quicktime versions one of these days.
  • Some movies (I believe the WC Commercial and Revenge) POSSIBLY depending on your PC will require a Divx codec to run correctly. Download it here: DIVX!
Thanks. Enjoy.


Our newest movie (A collabo with Cabana Productions), Revenge! A brutal murder, a stolen suitcase, and frenzied 'Revenge'...a 3-parter to ensure a quality viewing experience! As always, please don't listen without sound, and Right click, save target as and watch from your hard drive!
Oh, and try to watch them right after another, hence download all three first!

(these are Quicktime files, so if you don't have Quicktime, download it at Quicktime


Finally we get Silver Katana uploaded: about two former training partners, and one who's jealously turns to rage and seeks to reclaim a prize he thinks should be his.

Huge download!

Silver Katana!

Right-click and save target as - watch movie from your hard drive. Rate it below!


This is a commercial we did in a collaboration with Cabana Productions for a school project. There was one part we never got quite right (you'll see what it is immediately). Maybe we'll remaster. One day.
Right-click and save target as:



Inquisition Symphony!

Right-click and save target as - watch movie from your hard drive. Rate it below!


Just finished filming a really quick thriller type movie about a serial killer who targets young girls and is being tracked by a duo of FBI agents.

Update: Movie section will be up very soon! We are just trying to cut our movies down from being 78 megs to something a little more acceptable. Less than a week, hopefully for Warm Pursuit, Silver Katana, and the Inquisition Symphony *new*.


Tre and Mike star in a movie inspired by something we saw from STFU Productions...the story is about two old friends who battle over their master's silver katana.


Tre and Mike (and co-star Ashley) have just finished filming and editing short action sequence 'Warm Pursuit'.  No dialogue, just a quick chase scene.  (Don't mind the date and time at the bottom...its, um, a rushed movie) 
Warm Pursuit


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