Dave Foley (Dave Nelson)


January 4th, 1963, in Toronto, Canada to Michael and Mary Foley. 


WAS married to ex-wife Tabitha with their two children Ned and Basil. 

Education / Training: 

Began writing stand-up comedy for a creative writing project in one of his alternative high schools in which he attended. 

Also attended comedy workshops and "improv" classes.

Some notable career moments: 

While attending comedy workshops, Foley met with Kevin McDonald and Luc Casmiri and teamed with them in an improvisational troupe called, "The Kids in the Hall". 

Around 1984, Mark McKinney, Bruce McCullouch and Scott Thompson also joined Foley and McDonald to make the "Kids in the Hall" that is mostly known to fans who watched the show on the Canadian Broadcasting Company and HBO in the late 1980ís. The show earned an Emmy. 

A few of his many memorable characters on "Kids in the Hall" include, The Axe Murder, The Bad Doctor, and Hecubus.

Role Models / Influences: 

Frank Zappa, Jerry Lewis, the Marx brothers, Buster Keaton and Monty Python.


Music - Bare Naked Ladies, REM 

Television - Green Acres (as with Dave Nelson) 

Beverage - Coffee (as with Dave Nelson)


Dick (1999) 
Blast from the Past (1998) 
A Bug's Life (1998) 
Hacks (1997) 
Wrong Guy, The (1997) 
The Wrong Guy (1997) 
Brain Candy (1996) 
It's Pat (1994) 
3 Men and a Baby (1987) 
High Stakes (1986) 

TV Movies: 

From the Earth to the Moon (1998) (HBO) 
The Lawrenceville Stories (1988) 
Anne of Avonlea (1987) 
Echoes in the Darkness (1987) 


The Kids in the Hall 
Toonces and Friends (Saturday Night Live)








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