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Sunday, 4 July 2004
Secrets are forever but are friends?????
Most of us have secrets that are only kept to ourselves, I have one im not bragging about it but I don¡¦t really want to tell the whole world about it I did tell a very good friend of mine. Thoughts went though my head when telling this friend about the problem I have he seemed to be ok with it and was giving me his opinion on the matter in hand. How ever I do feel a bit uneasy, it¡¦s not because I don¡¦t trust him because I just felt a bit weird telling someone one of my secrets that I can actually keep well until I told him but anyway that was my thought for the day. Should secrets be told to friends even though they might turn there back on you later on in life?
Anyway my day pretty much sucked I had been up for 12 hours and was playing on Lord of the rings which I had rented out took me eight hours to complete which was good cause now that can go back (one down three to go) so Driver 3 was my next game and well I thought it would be a great game but when you play it its no different to the second one yes ok u can swim and shoot guns but its still got the old playstaiony graphics to it. Later on I went to My sister in laws BBQ last year pretty much sucked because there is no one my own age that goes there all like 4 year olds and the others were 30+ so it bored the hell out of me, I told my dad that I would be bored an asked if my mate Kyle could come but my dad said no because Tom and Brenda wouldn¡¦t like a stranger walking into there house sorry dude. However even though I was bored shiteless I did meet one of my bros mates who he goes fishing with and he turned out to be a Nottingham Forest supporter ƒº which was cool so for about two hours we were talking about Forest and how they could go up next season, as well as the time when I met Wes Morgan and Joe Kinnear and also the time when he met Brain Clough which was cool. But apart from that nothing else happened.
Talking to Kyle right now on MSN yes again! Beat him twice at Nike ole ļ lol
That all from me folks take care ya¡¦ll

Posted by film/neilstewart_diary at 2:11 AM BST
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Saturday, 3 July 2004
Dream nearly reality.
After having a long argument with Katie about stuff I decided that I need to move away from the group of friends that I once made during the two year period at upper school even thou that ending friendships with people I knew from Dovedale was hard because I knew them from 11 straight years. I knew it was going to happen sooner or later.
So today’s target was to change my ways and boy was I right , my dream job was to play for Nottingham forest and ive lived for that dream for a very long time. After training at west park just over 7 years ago I had the desire to aim where I wanted to go until I broke my foot, then it went down hill I gave up on my dream and concentrated on my school work and getting decent grades at the end of 12 years of school. The past two year’s ive been meaning to get back on track for aiming for my main goal in life. I struggled with a broken foot but somehow still managed to save 6 shots. Been beaten up at school once a month for two straight years, losing weight so I can become fitter and just recently losing the person who wanted to see me play football for a team more then anyone my granddad. His last words have always stuck in the back of my mind since he passed away “You know you can be what you want to be if you work hard enough”
I will always remember that because it is so true.
But today I think he threw me a lifeline I think he gave me another chance because today a newspaper came though the door and the strangest thing is that we didn’t ask for it to be delivered it was just posted thought the letterbox. And it was the evening post I look though it and it had some stuff about Nottingham forest in it all about the transfers etc. and there was one article that stuck at me.
(Normally people want 8 year olds or younger)
Players wanted for a reserve side starting in September for the new league season players must be able to make Training every Tuesday night and Games to be played every Sunday afternoon Players must be from the age of 16 contact number************* website www.************
I could not believe it my dream job of being a footballer was just beginning to come true…….

Posted by film/neilstewart_diary at 1:08 AM BST
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Friday, 2 July 2004
Last Day of mazda
Ill start with something sad and no it’s not my entry it’s about my day well Thursday. Any who I had to get up in the morning again! All because my dad was going to look at this car which my bro picked out at the garage we took a look at it and well its really spacious which is a good thing, Not because Lowey or myself can fit in its because anyone we take to football (hopefully Kyle) can actually fit in the back of the car, the other car my dad had was a crappy Mazda now for you car lovers who are about to get carried away, my dads Mazda was shite because there was no room in the back even though it is a five door car. Any way so we (well my dad) decided to buy the car and we have to pick it up tomorrow morning, I spend most of the day cleaning out the car washing it an all that which I don’t mind doing cause it gives me something to do. Then I picked up Gran tursmio now me and racing games don’t mix cause I am completely rubbish at them, but when I was in Switzerland on a trip I played against my mate Phil and kicked his ass even thou I had never played a racing car game in my life. So I picked it up and played it thinking I would do completely rubbish…………within an hour I had done three licenses, no problem which I was surprised at. Later on I deiced to watch fast and furious I heard it was a great film and so I watched it on my pc it’s a good film but not the greatest, LION KING RULES lol. The rest of the night (what’s left of it) I spent talking to Kyle about random stuff which I always do, write more 2moz I have a feeling its going to be a good day

Posted by film/neilstewart_diary at 1:48 AM BST
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Wednesday, 30 June 2004

Monday: Today was shite I did nothing ¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K.. So bored ¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K

Tuesday: I got up this afternoon at 2:15 quite pleased with myself really ƒº any who I was bored again so I rang cooper he come up with an idea that we got everyone back playing football and well we didn¡¦t so we played vice city and spent most of the day (what was left of it) to find a map of vice city which had all the hidden packages on it as I only needed two to find I found the map and it showed that I was missing four. So after long time scratching my head I deiced to check it as I was doing that I was talking to my best mate Kyle. He was talking about stuff and vice city etc as normal boys do talk about girls well problem was he spent most of the time talking about his love. Natalie. Well there¡¦s not much I can really say about them because it will take me forever¡K¡K.. So here goes.
Kyle: I have known him best part of two years only really got to know him this year but he¡¦s a cool guy, shall we say hmmm he¡¦s kind of like a punk rocker kind of person well anyway. I only way I got to know him was though playing football at dinner when we was at school but now he seems to be the only one that I keep in touch with (well apart from Bravo / Cooper / Lowey / Laura / Natalie / Julie / Jenna / Jamie) But Kyle is a really good mate ok not like in a brother kind of way but he¡¦s there when you need him and im here if he ever needs me. But am I going to miss him after 6th form¡K¡K. Yea definitely. I wouldn¡¦t say we know each other inside out because we don¡¦t to be honest, but over these next few years I dare say we¡¦ll be really good best mates who knows we¡¦ll just have to wait and see.
Natalie: well firstly she is Kyle¡¦s Love of her life they spend pretty much everyday with each other and its hard to split them apart. I don¡¦t know about her that much or even how long they have been going out (Note to self: ask Kyle he should know). Met her in year 7 been in her tutor group for three straight years (lucky me). Then I didn¡¦t see her for 2 years until the dinner and dance and well she sure had changed, for the better? I don¡¦t know but what I can say Kyle¡¦s got a good catch there. I do hope that they both continue to keep going out cause now me and Kyle got something to talk about, only joking. So as for today I bid you farewell and I hope I am here tomorrow / early morning.

Posted by film/neilstewart_diary at 1:32 AM BST
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Friday, 25 June 2004
20th June sunday 2004
Sunday: I was talking to the lovely Julie berry I was talking to her about 6th form and she was rolling on the floor with laughter I asked if I cud rub her belly but she took it the wrong way and was rolling even more I never knew that she cud turn into a dog that fast. I was also talking to Elaine problem with that is she doesn’t get the hint that I don’t like her that much and I really don’t like her at all with all the strange texts I keep getting from her I saw her the other day in Sawley pizza place I wasn’t surprised cause it looked as if she was the stores favorite customer. I saw her for the first time and wished I hadn’t cause she looks like a man from close up…. I don’t want to speak to her again I fear she might eat me in my sleep like Michael Jackson does with the 20 one year olds.

Posted by film/neilstewart_diary at 2:05 AM BST
Updated: Friday, 25 June 2004 2:09 AM BST
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