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GTA: San Andreas Myth Busters -Rate a Cop


Credits go to libertango for this awesome idea.

Ok, if you haven't heard on the forums, there is a new thing called "Rate a Cop", in which you follow a cop and record his progress. This concept was a big hit on GameFAQ's, so I decided to keep it going here, because as we all know, forum threads die. Its a fact of life and you cannot deny it. So here you will be able to submit your OWN Rate a Cop reports, at this new email address. I'm not sure if I will post any, but rather the rest of you can. So, go to that email address to submit your report, and check out the original thread here.

Here is the format you must follow to submit a report:
Officer The cop who is driving/on foot
Location Where it happened
Vehicle What they were driving
Partner 2nd Police Officer in car, unless on foot
Report Tell what happened here
Officer's Grade A+ - F-


These are similar things Ive seen on GameFAQs. Whenever I notice stuff like these, Im just going to post them up here, and give credit for the creator of the post. If you have any similar cases, either email me or post your story.

Created by: Meroe(gs)
I was looking for things to do when I saw the ped that wears the purple dress skirt in SF suddenly become a criminal. I like to have the ped weapon cheat on cause it makes it funner to see a ped run up to an officer and blast them for no reason. This was the case with this ped. After she committed the crime, she carjacked another ped and sped away. I decided to follow her and see how long she could last. She managed to leave SF and make it to the outskirts of Tierra Roboda before her car caught on flames due to police firing at her. She then bailed out at high speed and immediately jacked a FCR-900 from an unsuspecting ped on the freeway. Her chase continued as she hopped off her bike and gave a shot gun blast to 2 officers in pursuit. Her fate would finally come to an end near Dilimore when her star rating apparently became 3 and a helicopter shot her off the bike. The chase lasted nearly 10 minutes and was the longest ped-police chase Iv'e seen.