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GTA: San Andreas Myth Busters -BigFoot


No Picture available. Location:The Panopticon
Description:Leather Face has been rumoured to appear up at the Panopticon, in the north west area of Los Santos. Rumour has it, if you are there between 16:00-1:00 whilst raining, Leatherface comes out with a chainsaw to get you. There have been MANY reports of this, and it is most likely TRUE. Leather face, if you do not know the story, was from a movie that took place in Texas, the name of the movie being the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, in which a van full of kids off to a party stop by one of the friends old house, where he grew up in as a kid. The neighbors arent too friendly, though, and soon all of the kids were brutally murdered; death by chainsaw. All except for one girl, who managed to escape the killer and apparently, retell the whole story. By the way, the movie was based on a true story...
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