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GTA: San Andreas Myth Busters -BigFoot


Picture: Location: Back O' Beyond / Countryside
Description: One of the most "proveable" myths, but also one of the easiest to rule out is the ghost cars. People believed that you would find a beat up car just driving out in the woods, but with no driver. Now, I usually will try my best to prove myths are real, even if it isn't probable, but this myth is just absolutely busted. While yes you can find moving cars in the woods with no driver, it is not because they are possessed, but because they are on a HILL. Stationary vehicles in San Andreas are spawned a few feet above the ground. This was most likely done to prevent clipping of the car inside the ground. The same happens out in the woods for these "ghost cars", and a few of them happen to spawn on a hill, so when they are spawned, they gently bounce to the ground, thus giving them an extra push down the hill they are spawned on. Therefore, these cars are just coasting down the hill, not actually driving. If you must see this for yourself, check out the documents on file.
P.O.I: Ghost Cars Documents on File: Ghost Car Pic , Ghost Car Spawned on Hill , Ghost Car Rolling , Ghost Car Rolling #2 , Marked Map of Location