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GTA: San Andreas Myth Busters -BigFoot


Picture: Location:Back O' Beyond & Mount Chiliad (?)
Details: Day or Night.
Other: Believed to make screetching noises.
Description: In the backwoods of San Fierro and up in the high peaks of Mount. Chilliad, there are rumours of a creature. There have been few supposed sitings, and other unexplainable events, such as evil noises being heard up in the mountain late at night. While it is unclear weather or not these facts are real, it can be believed that there is indeed something out there. Bigfoot has been known to be about 7 or 8 feet tall, brown shaggy fur, and simian like features. If such a creature exists in San Andreas, the threat factor of this being is quite high. If you have a photograph or story, please submit it on the forums.

Documents on File: Bigfoot Footage 01 Submitted by: Unknown
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