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GTA: San Andreas Myth Busters Archives


---Friday, August 26, 2005---
The new forums are ready! I spent a whole 30 minutes working on them, but its not bad. Its one of them proboards, and it looks pretty good. So click on the forums link, and you will find that it now takes you to the new forums instead of those crappy bravenet ones. I have a feeling the board may become more popular with the site, but thats ok. I've added sections for each myth, and a general myth area, as well as a help section and stuff, as well as free-for-all chat; which are topics that require no registration (kind of like how bravenet used to be). I'm not sure how that will work out, considering I've never used a free-for-all before, and if I have ANY problems with it, it will be come a register only type deal. As far as rules go, I dont really care, as long as its nothing really illegal, and that you don't try to start Bigfoot spamming. I even stated that in the category title, so none of you pricks can make 30,000 "BIGFOTT INST REALL1!" topics. As of writing, I am the only memeber on the board, and have no moderators. Depending on how the board goes I may or may not want moderators. If people post on it as much as they do on the bravenet ones, then I will be the only moderator, but if it becomes a place of interest, I may scout out some mods, and I will be sure to let everyone know on the forums.

---Tuesday, August 07, 2005---
Well, once again not much for myth kind of sucks considering it takes like 40 years for a new myth (or ANYTHING interesting for that matter) to come out in this game. I'd also like to take this time to speculate over some other rival myth busting sites (no names are being mentioned, and I doubt they know I am talking about them), but I would just like to say that here, at, I like to keep the site easy to use, and clutter free from tottaly random crap that has nothing to do with myth's at all. However, I am being a hipocrite considering I DO have a 'Rate-a-Cop' section that has made virtually no progress at all, and I have links to GTA-related material that I have covered, such as funny ass GTA comercials. I noticed a lot of other sites seem to be unorganized and just generally dont seem to have their shit together, but I try to here. Anyways, yeah, lets see....oh, I think I am going to set up some new forums, using proboards, so there actually are real forums here, with REAL memberlists *gasp*! And once again, a reminder to grab MTA when it comes out (no they are not like a sponsor or anything, I just like MTA). So, for the few of you that do actually visit this site enough to check all the updates (or just go to the Archives section, if any of you have any input you would like to discuss with me about the site, anywheres from content submission, to just general questions or comments, feel free to email me. Oh, and don't be surprised if even MORE changes happen to the site, I'm getting fussy for some reason, and want to constantly make changes. O_o

---Wednesday, July 20, 2005---
I fixed that annoying ad that HAD to occur right in the middle of this NEWS column. But, at the price of the header logo, but I dont think its a big deal. In other news, nothing has happened at all. MTA is comin out soon for SA, and I may be co-leading a clan, but I'm not positive. I'll post a link to the site as soon as its up. But just a reminder to all PC users, get MTA when its out!

---Saturday, July 16, 2005---
Wow, long time since an update. May 30th to be exact. Anyways, I did some heavy site remodelling, and I added some other sections. They may not be NEW myths, but I felt that they should be on here, considering I only cover a few things, and I thought that this site would be a good place for any new San Andreas Myth Busters to check out to get the details on all the myths. So, I added some more sections, and did new buttons again (Ill probably keep these ones tho) and remodelled the site so it looked a bit more organized, and introduced a new color to the theme. I also bumped some links I feel didn't need to be a part of the site, or they wernt popular. As far as myths go, there isn't that much going on, keep in mind, if anything happens to YOU, drop me a line at the myth submission page. And as a side note about myths, I usually only like to post information about myths that I have EVIDENCE of (with an exception of Mr. Leatherface), so don't expect to find all the usual crap you would find at other myth sites talking about 'rumours' here, I only talk about what I can prove.

---Monday May 30, 2005---
Not much has been going on lately. Nothing mythworthy. I broke my San Andreas disc because of an impact that happened to my PS2. Instead of wasting more money buying it again, Im just going to wait for it to come out to PC and XBOX and get one of those, because the graphics will be better. In other news, as some of you may know, on the GameFAQs forums in the GTA:LCS section, I made a post about finding some GTA:LCS screenshots, that nobody else had. I found these on an FTP server (no, not the one I had set up for this site) but it was going to be considered to host my stuff, but because of bandwith and access issues on THAT FTP server, I didnt put any of my content on there. Now, Im not going to tell you what the FTP servers address is, one because its a private FTP, and two, because the host wouldnt appriciate all the unneccessary bandwith. However, I will show you the pics that I found there, along with a few extras that I did NOT post on the forums, only because I stumbled across them later, and I figured that if I kept posting all these pictures, they would assume that I was responsible for them, and that it was BS. I just simply came across more, thats all. Anyways, the pics can be found here. That's pretty much it. Remember, SA comes out for PC and XBOX on June 7th, so its currently 8 days away. I'll be checkin out stuff on it, and any thing worthy will go up on this site too. As a note, I'd like to say now, that I intend for this site to cover any new GTA games as well, not just San Andreas. I'm sure there will be even more myths and rumors in other GTA games to come, and they'll all have a home right here.

---Tuesday May 17, 2005---
I've discovered the GTA Strange Forums, and found it to be a pretty cool resource for discussing myths. So check that out if you want an "official" forum. Also, I noticed on their main site, ( that there is an unknown area on the GTA map. Apparently weird things happen there, including lots of random plane crashes, and some weird sights to see. The original article is on the main page of that site, and a map with the marked area can be found here. In other news I've added some secrets to the site. The purpose of them is just for people who are bored, or who have no life, or both... anyway, I'll always be looking for ways to hide new secrets into the site, but for now, there is one secret in existance, and the only hint I will tell you is "check the links!". I also added a poll. No idea if I intend to use it a lot, like a sort of monthly or weekly thing, or maybe a once a year sort of thing. Hmm...perhaps I should have a poll about how often the poll should change? Maybe I should have a poll about having a poll? Anyways, vote your honest answer, and dont be a douchebag about it, either.

---Tuesday May 10, 2005---
I Re-re-did the buttons, so they actually have a 3d effect. Did some light housework, added a "back" button to sub links, but its not a java command to actually load the last visited webpage, its set to bring you back here. I've been crossing out the invalid links, because I get many annoying emails that some of the vids dont work, so I just crossed them out all together. Now is the time to ask, even though it sounds desperate, but, if you downloaded any of the videos from this site a long time ago, that I no longer have, it'd be greatly appriciated if you could email them to me. This way, I can restore the videos, and get these missing files back online. The files Im missing are : MBUFO1.wmv and Panopticon_Psycho.avi. So, as I said, if you have them,email me the videos so I can get them back up on the site. In other news, there has been a fiasco involving strange "dragging sounds" that occur at the megaphone found in the ghost town in El Castilo del Diablo. I checked it out, but didn't hear anything, however, more than 2 people have actually confirmed hearing it. Go check it out if you want.

---Wednesday April 13, 2005---
I set up a new section for the Rate a Cop stuff that I found on the GameFAQ's forums. It's a great idea, but I'm leaving it up to you guys to decide what goes there. Not much else happened in myth news... Im still working on getting an FTP server set up, but Ive been talking with my original host and I may be able to get all my old stuff back, but Im not sure. But it doesnt matter as of now, because there is no content to upload. Also, on a side note, dont think that just because I havent posted a new message here, doesnt mean Ive abandoned the site. Usually, the only time I post is when I find more content, or add or change something. Yeah, I redid the buttons too.

---Tuesday February 22,2005---
I finally did one big email raid, and checked out all of the emails everyone sent in regard of some myths. New content will be posted accordingly, and based upon wether or not I feel it is appropriate for the site. My goal is to find original content, that is believeable, so a picture of your foot wiht some Paint-drawn on hair does NOT qualify, dumbass. (And you know who you are) Those that I have chosen to use their content will be emailed shortly, sorry for not having replied to some month-old emails. In other news, I am working on establishing my OWN FTP server, considering the one I use is down 95% of the time, and what is the point of hosting files if no one can see them? So, I would say to expect a new FTP server soon, but the only problem I will have is that a few of the files that were on that server, I dont have on this PC, such as the first UFO video, and the Panopticon Psycho. However, I dont think this would be a problem because I do have other sources of recovering these files. Not too much news in the myths world, got a new UFO video, check it out in the UFO's section. I also got some more FBI documentation, so check that out too if you want. Well thats it for now, and I will keep you posted as to when this FTP server will be up.

---Wednesday February 09, 2005---
The server is now up, thank god. It seems to be an issue with bandwith allowed to external sites. Because this site is done through an outside source, and even though I have access to the server, I am not on the server, so it limits me to how much people can download. This gets reset every month, so if I get major traffic (just on the movie files, pictures and all the rest of the data are stored here) it will cause everyone to get that "Unathorized Access" crap. Hopefully soon we will be able to find a way to fix this. As of right now, dont worry. As far as San Andreas, I am working on the myth of horses running heard in Las Berancas (sp?).

---Monday February 01, 2005---
The server is still down, Im not sure if it will be up for awhile now, considering I cannot fix it on my part, and the person in charge of fixing it is having trouble. Ive tried to backup most of the video's I could, but certain ones I wont have access to for awhile. Anyways, in other news, I added the FBI truck section. Its sort of a myth. People dont believe its in the game. No one's seen it. No one has proof. Sounds like a myth to me. But of course, I have proof, as always, I dont post stuff up here if I dont have any form of evidence at all to back it up. So check out the FBI truck section, for a photo of the FBI Truck, and my hypothesis on it.

---Monday December 27th, 2004---
New info added. I had a video for awhile on my PC but never really thought to upload it until I saw another topic on GameFAQs about Leatherface, so I put it up here. I am not the author of this video, however there is a comment telling you to go visit another myth busting site (and by all means, do). I have the video of it, and thats pretty much it, Im trying to use this site sorta as a source for those rare videos that could just possible be the deep secrets of San Andreas captured on film.

---Friday December 03, 2004---
Bigfoot video update. I found this video on GameFAQs, however I cannot remember who filmed this. I would give credit to them if I knew who it was, however. At any rate, click on the thumbnail to watch the video. Also, I would like to add another section to this site, which is 'homie trips', or terms that are similar. Many people have done this in the past, and they seem to be pretty cool, so basically, you can go in the forums and post your trip with your homies/girlfriends/whatever, and every now and then, Ill take one I really like and add it to the Journeys section. I should have the forums up really soon.

---Friday, Nov. 19, 2004---
Today is the initial launch of the Myth Busters site. This is just a little site I made for some myth busting as well as other fun things to do in GTA. Theres going to be some Bravenet forums here soon, nothing fancy (or as sophisticated as phpBB), but just some method of communication between fellow myth busters. The purpose of this site is basically just to come hang out and post pics/videos of any myths you may have found, or to come tell stories of things that happened to you. This is basically an alternative to the GameFAQs boards, considering everytime there is a "Bigfoot" topic, somebody tells you to shut up. Im not saying that I have any real evidence, its just that I felt that we should have some sort of 'place' to go to, where we can talk just about myth's, and fun stuff that has happened (e.g. a road trip with your homies), stuff like that. I dont have very high hopes for this site, so dont expect any thing fancy or official looking, but I hope this site will suffice.