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Emptypants Entertainment Co.

Making no sense since March 4

Welcome to the official Emptypants Entertainment web site. Emptypants Entertainment is a completely for profit organization dedicated to bringing fun( commonly known as entertainment) to the masses we like to call humanity. As implied( or explicitly stated above) we have been in existence since March 4, however which year all depends on the number of complete revolutions about the sun the earth has made since we realized it started doing that.

Emptypants Entertainment is accepting poetry

Thats right friends, MTP is currently accepting origional poetry on the following subjects:
1) Religious Fanaticism
2) Vaginas
3) Pro-Feminist / Anti-men
4) Pro-Terrorism
5) Pro-Homosexual
to be used in the up comming MTP movie "Poetry Slam Night". Please send all poetry submissions to . Please send poetry on the afore mentioned topics only. All poems may be subject to change if deemed nessisary.

New Movies Page

Emptypants Entertainment has added a movie page. Go here for all information on Emptypants and F10 movies.

Nefarious Hiatusguest Steams on as Planned!

Nefarious Houseguest is currently on hiatus due to lack of commitmit on the cast's part. Once everyone gets their heads out of their collective asses the film shall continue.


Emptypants Entertainment is currently accepting donations! Any money that can be donated will be appreciated. And not just by us by you the film goer. Donations will allow up to improve the budget in which we do our "movies" and make stuff look better.

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