Rules for Role Play

by Ethel Grimes, Forum Mistress

Note: These rules apply only to Role Play (RP) on Basil of Baker Street's Forum,
The Hidden Lab of Dr. Von Seyss! and Negaduck's Hideout. Other forum owners
who allow RP on their forums are, needless to say, left to their own judgment. ~E.G.


RP is allowed on all of my forums except for Basil's Reading Room and Basil's Pastiche Parlour. The reason
for this is that the above two forums are specifically for fandom and pastiche works, and discussions about
them. If RP were allowed on these forums, too much time would be spent on the Role Playing and not enough
on what "The Reading Rooms" (as I call them) are about.

I want the people who visit my forums to feel that they can enjoy themselves and have a reasonable amount of
freedom. As a Forum Owner who wishes to keep her sites on a family level, however, I have the right to set
rules about forum behaviour, and to enforce these rules. This also includes the right to take appropriate action
if I find these rules are deliberately being abused or ignored.

Because of this, I also have the right to set certain rules regarding RP on the forums. These rules are not set up
to be unkind, but to keep the forums on as peaceful a level as possible, and to keep them safe and suitable for
the younger visitors---not to mention the more sensitive, squeamish (and prudish) among the rest of us. Your
respect of this will be much appreciated.

It needs to be emphasized that your presence on these forums, or anybody else's for that matter, is a privilege,
not a "right". Being a guest in a forum is like being a guest in a house---you should respect the "house rules"
(not to mention the host / hostess) if you expect to be welcome and invited back in the future. If this still
doesn't make any sense, then just consider how you'd want people to behave in your own home.

Rules for Roleplaying:

I. You may use characters from Disney's The Great Mouse Detective, Eve Titus' Basil of Baker Street
stories, the
Darkwing Duck show, your own fandom or pastiched works, or any characters you wish
(this includes anime and other characters from movies and TV shows).

II. Please respect other Role Players AND their roles!!! Also, do not---I repeat, DO NOT assume
another person's character without express written permission of the character's player*. If in doubt,
be sure to get that permission first (and don't just say you have it---have that person contact me, too).
I can not emphasize this enough!!! I am also asking for respect of RP situations.This means, no "stepping
on" an RP situation unless you know for certain that you have been invited to be a part of it. The reason is
you may unintentionally (we hope) interfere with the continuity of the RP story, among other things (not to
mention that you can make the Role Players pretty upset).

*This refers to a role already taken by a person on that particular forum, for instance, if you say, "I'm playing
'so and so' " you've already called your role and anyone else who wants to play it should ask permission.
This doesn't mean they can't play the character elsewhere, depending on the circumstances.

III. Violence is allowed if kept low-key, such as slapstick or mildly suspenseful type. Character "fights" are
permitted if language and behaviour are kept under reasonable control (so that real people don't end up hurt).
Make sure that other people know you're playing, however.
Remember that nobody on the boards can see
you, read your mind or hear the tone of your voice. Consequently, certain remarks and actions can be taken
the wrong way sometimes, so try to choose your words and RP actions wisely.
Don't wait until someone gets
upset, and
then explain that you're "playing".

IV. The following type of RP behaviour is NOT allowed on the forums:

a. Excessive use of violence, i.e.: excessive weapon play*; gory or gruesome injuries; dismemberment,
cannibalism, vampirism (blood-drinking), "killing" of characters (including suicide), rape.

* "Excessive" weapon play refers to use of guns, knives, bombs, etc. in such a manner as to cause
death or gory injuries in RP situations. Moderate use of weapons in RP is allowed, however.

b. Sexual behaviour or sexual remarks; off-colour jokes, crude references to anatomy, graphic
"bathroom" humour and similar.

c. Occult practices ("chanting", curses, etc.); Dungeons & Dragons type of RP (these forums are
Christian-owned and operated).

d. RP that is disruptive or disturbing to others, such as abusive language, "stalking" and harrassment,
any inappropriate behaviour.

e. Personal attacks of any kind aimed at another Role Player.

f. Hateful or bashing comments directed at another Role Player, particularly those dealing with gender,
race, color, religion, disability, sexual orientation, or national origin, even between RP characters.

g. Obscenities, excessive profanity, "yelling" (entire posts in capital letters). If you must have a character
"swear", use symbols (but don't overdo it).

h. Inappropriately hostile behaviour toward another RP character (behaviour not appropriate to an RP
appropriate behaviour includes self-defense, staged character "fights", etc.). This includes verbal
abuse or putting down of the character if a Role Play situation isn't involved.
If you don't like another Player's
character, just leave him / her alone and go about your business.

I want it perfectly understood that these forums are for everybody. If you don't find an RP situation to your taste,
just ignore it and start your own thread. If you insist on taking part in spite of any bias, it is your choice---but you
are responsible for your own attitude and are free to face the consequences. Remember that we're here to have fun.
A bad attitude is no fun for anybody, and in the end will be no fun for the Player involved.

i. If you are justifiably upset by a particular RP situation, please discuss it tactfully---either with the board or with
me, so we can hopefully remedy the situation at the time. Don't wait until things come to a head and
then drop "the
bomb" on everybody.


If in doubt about any of these rules, I'll be glad to discuss them on the forum or you may email me, as long as
we can discuss them tactfully.

Forum visitors engaging in RP that is not allowed will be warned up to a point. If they deliberately continue
such behaviour after repeated warnings, the FM will take whatever action is appropriate.
Any harrassment,
threats, or otherwise hostile actions resulting from this will be reported to that person's Internet Service

As I said above, these rules aren't to make forum visitors uncomfortable, but to make sure that everyone on
them can enjoy the forums in the spirit of fun, which was their reason for being. It is not my wish to restrict
the freedom of others; but remember: with freedom comes


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