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As you know, ++MoonLight++ Productions is a Multimedia site, thats what its here for, to download video on PRDT or Abaranger. Only problem is, This website is hosted on Angelfire. (A great web hosting service in my opioun.) I do not have the space to host Abaranger or DT episodes here. Even if I did I Couldn't upload it for you, I'm on a 56k Modem, and lets face it, I do not have the time to upload it for you guys.

This is where BitTorrent Comes in. BitTorrent is a p2p program. You will need this program, go here to download it. Don't worry, its a free program and its safe, no spyware or viruses or the likes.

After its done installing it will install itself into your browser and at first, you will probley think the install didn't work, the program isn't in you start options or anything. Its not supposed to be. Its like your default downloader, you never see it till you download something. Thats kinda the case with this. Except after you download the .torrent file and double click on it, then you will see the program.

Now, what it will do is that small little KB file that you downloaded comes up and starts downloading the episode. My episodes will probley range from 20 to 30MB and they will be in .WMV format.

I must ask that after your download is done, you need to keep the program up that downloaded the file. The reason why I ask this is so other people will beable to get the episode from you and me.

Thats pretty much it, really. If you have any more questions about it, e-mail me or IM me. ^^