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MiMi Rose Maria Hall

                                                             (630) 291- 7128






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Columbia College Chicago, current

·         Film major

·         Makeup/costuming minor

·         3.8/5.0 GPA

Glenbard West High School, June 2003

·         GPA- 4.7

Work experience:

                Science Institute at Columbia College Chicago, February 2004- Present

·         Student worker

·         Teaching assistant

·         Receptionist

·         Office work

·         Copies

·         Organizational skills

·         People skills

·         Tutoring

Daytime Nanny, February 2004- September 2004

·         2 year old girl

·         Meals

·         Changing

·         Entertaining

·         Teaching

                Cirque Du Soleil, Vareki- VIP tent June 2003-August 2003

·         Wonderful costumer relations

·         Hostess/  Hospitality

·         Special guests

·         Catering to special needs

·         Ticketing

·         Coat check

·         Security

HealthTrack Sport Wellness, September 2000- May 2003

·         Childcare Department

·         Children 3 months – 12 years old

·         Positive costumer relationships

                Internship- Nordstrom, Oakbrook June 2002- February 2003

·         Brass Plum Fashion Board

Toadies, September2001- June 2003

·         Technical group at Glenbard West

·         Paid for engagements on campus


·         Infants, toddlers, and children

·         CPR, First Aid and AED certified

·         Positive costumer relationships

                Pet Sitting

·         Walking, feeding, playing, and caring for animals

·         In the comfort of their own home

Little League Umpire

·         Calling plays and pitches

·         Settling disputes

·         Clarification of rules and regulations


                Glen Ellyn Phillies Fastpitch Travel Team                                        6years

Theatre Club, Glenbard West High School                                     4years

Theatre Club Board Member 02-03                                                   1 year

West Spirit, Glenbard West High School                                        3years

Glenbard Newspaper, Glenbard West High School                       3years

Student Council Board/Rep, Glenbard West High School            2years

West Softball, Glenbard West High School                                    2years

International Dance troupe, Glenbard West High School             1Year

Yearbook, Glenbard West High School                                           1year

Orchesis, Glenbard West High School                                             1year

`               All State Theater  02-03                                                                       1 year

Columbia College Puppetry Club, Secretary                                    1 year


                Deans List                                                                                             Fall 2003/ Spring 2004

Honor Thespian Troupe 233- one honor bar                                                   Spring 2003

                Best Supporting Actress- Our Country’s Good                                             Spring 2003

Larry Shue Memorial Scholarship                                                                     Spring 2003

Outstanding Academic Achievement in English/Speech/Theater              Spring2002

Best Characterization- Crucible                                                                        Spring 2002

                Honorary French Society                                                                                   Spring 2001

Honor Roll Student                                                                                              1996- 2003

Special Skills:

                Can operate basic light board and spotlight

Can use screw guns, staple guns, and strong

Dancing: Ballroom, swing, interpretive,

Costuming/ Sewing: hand sewing, sewing machines, patterns, designing, chain mail, headpieces, jewelry

Artistic: Make-up basic character application, aging, and special designing, and drawing, painting, puppet construction, design and collaboration

Computer Skills: Familiar and comfortable with Microsoft Office

Other: broadsword handling and fencing experience, quick learner, good communication skills, organized, good ear for dialects: Irish, French, Upper British, Cockney, Southern, ECT.

            Language: professionally fluent in French





Theatrical & Film Experience

Actress, Design/Crew


720 Hill Ave                                                                                                                          Height: 5’4”

Glen Ellyn, Il 60137                                                                                                               Weight: 126 lbs

(630) 291-7128                                                                                                                       Hair: blonde                                                                                            Eyes: Hazel

Columbia College- film major                                                                                              Birth date: 10/01/1984

Class of 2007


Name of Show                                                       Character Played                                Place                     Year

Teddy- short film                                                  Aunt Bernice                                Columbia College         2004

Hostage Scenario-short film                              Marilyn                                          Columbia College         2003

Caste of Amontillado- Shadow puppets            The Counte                                    Columbia College        2003

Two Gentlemen of Verona                                 Julia                                                        Naperville              2003

Our Country’s Good                                           Meg ‘Dirty’ Long                 GWHS                    2003

The Girls of the Garden Club                            Rhoda Greenleaf                                   GWHS                    2003

The Crucible                                                        Sarah Good/ Elizabeth Hudgeson     GWHS                    2002

The Tempest                                                         Ariel’s Spirit                                         GWHS                    2001

A Voice In The Darkness                                    Alicia                                                      GWHS                    2001

Carnival                                                                                Bearded lady: Penelope                      GWHS                    2000



Name of Show                                       Type of Participation                                          Place                      Year

Batman & Joker- short film               Special FX Makeup & Wardrobe                      Columbia College 2004

Teddy- short film                                  Special FX Makeup & Wardrobe                      Columbia College 2004

Winter Spectacle                                 Puppetry                                                                Columbia College2004

Gnome Attic- music video                  Makeup/ wardrobe head                                     Chicago                 2003

Cirque Du Soliel: Varekai                                Hospitality/tickets/costume                               Chicago                 2003

Two Gentlemen of Verona                 Costuming/hair, poster/program design          Naperville              2003

Our Country’s Good                           Makeup/ costumes/ painting                             GWHS                    2003

Mac Beth                                               Costumes Crew Head/ Make-up                        All-State                02-03

Uncool                                                   Director                                                                  GWHS                    2002

Little Shop of Horrors                        Head Make-up Artist                                          GWHS                    2002

The Crucible                                        make-up/props                                                    GWHS                    2002

The Tempest                                          make-up/costume                                               GWHS                    2001

Of Mice And Men                                 Concessions                                                         GWHS                    2001

Once Upon A Mattress                       Tickets/Publicity Heads/makeup/set               GWHS                    2001

Rumors                                                  Student Director                                                   GWHS                    2001

Rumors                                                  make-up/set/props                                               GWHS                    2001

Phantom Tollbooth                             make-up                                                                 GWHS                    2000

Carnival                                                                make-up/posters                                                                 GWHS                    2000

You Can’t Take It With You               make-up/set                                                          GWHS                    1999



Instructor/Director                                               Class                                                   Place                      Year

Claudia Paraskiv                                   Production I                                               Columbia College            2004

Colin Somers                                         Screenwriting I                                           Columbia College           2004

Colin Somers                                         Development and Preproduction          Columbia College            2004

David Smith                                          History of Cinema                                     Columbia College            2004

B. Emil Boulos                                      Drafting for Theater                                  Columbia College            2004

Karen L. Osborne                                 Introduction to Drama                               Columbia College           2004

Kevin Rechner                                      Introduction to Tech Theater                  Columbia College           2004

Dale Calandra                                       Stage makeup I                                           Columbia College           2003

Timothy McCain                                  Styles/Craft: Ancient- Baroque               Columbia College           2003

Michael C. Fox                                      Acting I                                                                 GWHS                    2003

Robert Matz                                          Toadies/ Techies                                                 GWHS                    02-03

Howard Schwartz                                 Painting I                                                               GWHS                    02-03

Robert Schramm                                   Costuming/ Sewing                             Broadway Costumes Inc.    2002

Patti Landry                                          Fashion Workshop                                              GWHS                    2002

Mike Kolodziej                                     Radio/TV Production                                          GWHS                    2002

Lynn Larsen                                          Dance Arts                                                            GWHS                    2002

Doug Megow                                       Analysis of Film                                                   GWHS                    2002

Sharon Kociak                                      Introduction to Theatre                                      GWHS                    2000

Lynn Larsen                                          Orchesis                                                                                GWHS                    2000

Howard Schwartz                                 Drawing I                                                               GWHS                    2000

Lucy Matune                                        International Dance Troupe                               GWHS                    1999



Sport/Activity                                                       Position/Event                                      Place                      Year

Columbia College Baseball                 Outfield/3rd base                                   Chicago                 2004

Glen Ellyn Phillies Travel Softball 18under -Outfield/ 3rd base                                     GE park district     01-02

JV Softball                                                             Outfield/ 3rd base                                  GWHS                    2001

Glen Ellyn Phillies Travel Softball 16under -Outfield/ 3rd base                                     GE park district     00-01

Frosh Softball                                                       Outfield/ 3rd base                                  GWHS                    2000

Fencing                                                                                           Foil                                GEPD                      2000       





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