Michael T. Weiss Biography & Resumé



  Michael T. Weiss (Middle name may or may not stand for Terry/Terrence)

Date of Birth:

  Friday, February 2, 1962 (Does not look his age!!!)


  Known only to MTW and family

Place of Birth:

  Northbrook, Chicago, Illinois, USA



Hair/Eye Color:



  Graduated 1984 Bachelor of Fine Arts, University of Southern California


  Scuba Diving, Cave Diving, Deep Sea Diving


First Paid Movie Role

  (Age 18) Ordinary People (1980) paid $30.00 as an extra

Odd Jobs

  - Pizza Delivery Guy  : - Personal Trainer (to some of his 'now' collegues),
  - Playboy VJ
  - Singing Telegrams (as many things, including a pregnant nun...don't ask?!?)
  - Electronics retail

Astrological Sign:



  - Helps saving the planet through his job with the ECO, his beliefs in living chemical free, and his lifestyle

  - Drives a gas/electric hybrid car,

  - Recycles as much as possible (and bringing back his recyclables from abroad if the facilities do not exist where he was!!)

  - Wiggling his ears (apparently)

  - Lists every one of the United States, in alphabetical order without pause, in under a minute!!

Other Facts:

  - Has (apparently) been living in the same house since moving to Venice California in 1986

  - Member of the Met Theatre, in Los Angeles where he directed the play he wrote "Streams of Consciousness"

  - Thinks Andrea Parker has the sexiest legs in Hollywood (and I dare anyone to disagree cause I totally agree with him!!)

  - Has a weak golf game (according to him in an interview, (many years ago, I think?!)...which also may have improved by now!!)

  - Rumoured (but cannot confirm) to have been married briefly when he was younger (if this is true, he is divorced, but still cannot be confirmed one way or the other)

  - Believes you are what you eat (according to an interview)

  - Is NOT returning to Days

  - Does NOT have an official site on the web anywhere


Michael T. Weiss today is a talentedly versatile actor, but like they say practice, practice, practice! Below is a 'filmography' of TV shows, movies and other performances by Michael T. Weiss.


Days of Our Lives (1985-1990) Dr. Mike Horton

Dark Shadows - Resurrected (1991) Joe Haskell & Peter Bradford (episode 11)

2000 Malibu Road (1992) Roger Tabor

The Pretender (1996-2000) Jarod Russell

Disney's Legend of Tarzan (2001) - Season 1 - Voice of Tarzan

Disney's Legend Of Tarzan (2002) - Season 2 - Voice Of Tarzan

TV GUEST APPEARANCES (not including talk shows!!)

The Adventures of Brisco County Jr (1994) (1 episode) (uncredited) Johnny
   - (Brooklyn Dodgers)

The Profiler (3 episodes) Jarod Russell
  - (Grandmaster) (1999) (episode 3.19)
  - (Clean Sweep) (2000) (episode 4.10)
  - (Pianissimo) (2000) (episode 4.18)

Red Shoe Diaries (2000) (episode 18)
    - (The Game)

Earth Trek Through Thailand: With Michael T. Weiss - Episode Number #102, (First Airdate: October 20, 2001, Second Airdate: September 8, 2002, Third Airdate: December 22, 2002)

The Zeta Projet (1 episode) Voice of Dr. Winhelm
  - (Absolute Zero) (2002) (episode 2.1)

Justice League - The Animated Series - (Jason Blood/Etrigan) - Parts 1 & 2 - Episode: 'A Knight Of Shadows' - Setember 20, 2002 & September 27, 2002

Crossing Jordan - (James Horton) - Episode: 'Ockham's Razor' - January 2003

The Mummy - The Animated Series - (Toth - The Dark Medjai) - Parts 1 & 2 - Episode: 'Spring Of Evil' - March 1, 2003

Crossing Jordan - (James Horton) - Parts 1 & 2 - Episode: 'Pandora's Trunk' - April 28, 2003 & May 5, 2003

Crossing Jordan - (James Horton) - Episode: 'Oh Brother, Where Art Thou' - June 6, 2004


Take My Daughters, Please (1988) (defendant)

The Big One: The Great Los Angeles Earthquake (1990)

Dark Shadows (1990) Joe Haskell

Mary Higgins Clark's - Remember Me (1995) Scott Covey IV

The Pretender 2001 (2001) Jarod Russell

The Pretender: Island of The Haunted (2001) Jarod Russell


Ordinary People (1980) (uncredited)

The Howling IV: The Original Nightmare (1988) Richard

Angel 4: Undercover (1993) Ryan Gersh

Jeffrey (1995) Steve

Freeway (1996) Larry

Freeway II: Confessions of a Trickbaby (1999) Larry

Net Worth (2000) Michael Winslow

Bones (2001) Detective Lupovich

Alchemy (2002) Dr. Troy Rollins

Michael Has Walked Away From This Project 'Alchemy' Due To Creative Differences. All Scenes That Were Filmed With Him Have Been Refilmed With Another Actor By The Name Of Thomas Cavanagh. Since Michael Was Originally Casted For This Film And Scenes Were Filmed It will Stay On His Resume At This Time.He Will Not Appear In The Final Product, Nor Will The Scenes Be Released At The Dvd Release.

Tarzan & Jane (2002) Voice of Tarzan

Written In Blood (2002)

Until The Night (2004)

Marmalade (2004)

Iowa (2004) - (Larry Clarkson)- Pre-production

Sledge: The Untold Story - Filming - (Drug Lord)- (2004)- 2005


Streams of Consciousness (1992) (play) Writer/Director

Planescape: Torment (1999) (video game) Voice of The Nameless One

Diggin' Up Bones - The Making of Bones (2001) Himself

Freelancer - Pc Game - 2003 - Voice Of Orillion

Sledge: A Documentary - 2003 - (Drug Lord)

Lords Of Everquest - Pc Game - 2003

Burn This (Boston Play) - November 12 - December 12, 2004


Well, that is all I know for now...there may be a few more things I could have added, but I wanted to get his page up and running. Keep checking this page every once in a while as I will eventually add more facts and tidbits as I (hopefully) discover more about the elusive Michael T. Weiss. We all want to know more of course...cause he is just an awesome type of guy you want to get to know! (Not to mention, he's real easy on the eyes to look at, too!!)

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