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"You're gonna laugh, you're gonna cry, you're gonna love this
scrappy little Italian!" - Sgt. Bilko

Welcome to Max, Racetrack, and Timon!  My Max Casella shrine!  Yes, I know I didn't include all of
his characters in the title, likeVinnie.  Who could forget Vinnie from Doogie Hooser, M.D.?  I
just didn't want it to be a mile long!  LOL  So, with that said, take a look around!
Oh, and you can get Max's address here.

Also, I won't be updating this site anymore.  I just have too much going on, so I've stopped 
working on this site and my newsies site, Da Newsies Pape.  The sites will remain up, but don't 
expect any changes or additions.  Sorry for all you Max lovers, but I just don't have the time.  
Have fun with what's here! 


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