Welcome to the Maria Ford Home Page

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Welcome to the Maria Ford Home Page, a fan site dedicated to the beautiful and talented Maria Ford.

Maria started out playing roles that emphasized her physical beauty and vulnerability. She was often the stripper/ hooker/victim in films like "The Rain Killer," "Final Judgement" and "The Glass Cage." Then she was the scheming seductress in films like "Saturday Night Special" and "Showgirl Murders," and kicked butt in action films like "Future Fear," "Night Hunter" and "Deathstalker IV." And, of course, she has had memorable roles in sexy late-night movies like "The Key to Sex" and "I Like to Play Games Too." (I personally think it's important not to shame anyone for acting in more adult fare because it is, after all, acting!)

But Maria is so much more than a pretty face and hot body. Her comedic timing is something I've always noticed and wished someone would key in on; she had a bit part in the family film "Casper Meets Wendy" and stole the scene, and delivered some deliciously dry lines in "Role of a Lifetime," opposite Scott Bacula, perfectly. She was also wonderful in "The Drew Carey Show" as a stripper who inadvertently injures Lewis (Ryan Stiles) with her breasts.

Maria played a fragile, unhappy woman, a mysterious apparition, and a hapless pawn in "Mind Games," a variation on "Vertigo" co-starring Brian Kraus. (She was also exquisitely directed and filmed by frequent co-star Kevin Alber.)

In "Perfect Fit," a quirky independent film about a couple who covet - and kill for - the perfect blue jeans, Maria plays "Perry," a beautiful, vain, disturbed woman with layers and depth, which is why it's my favorite movie of hers.

Maria continues to act (she just completed "Rabid") and model, although I wish she were given more opportunities to show her many abilities - especially how funny she can be. It's unfair that she should be limited or pigeonholed by the racier roles that she has played - other actors, like Kelly Preston and Virginia Madsen, have shown as much skin and still enjoyed full careers.

The internet can both help and hurt an actor's career. My site is intended to support and promote. Others are meant to exploit and devalue. Others have inadvertently hurt - like Internet Movie Data Base, which contains incorrect user-submited information that has cost Maria acting opportunities. Another site claims that Maria is dead, which I can assure you she is not!!!

On a personal note, I can say unequivocally that Maria is lovely, sweet, generous, caring, and totally grounded, with good friends who help her stay afloat in a crazy business that can tear sensitive people down. I count myself as one of them, and maintain this site as my way of giving back.

If you're a fan, bookmark this page. This site gets all of her new photos first, straight from her agents!