Maria Ford Welcome to the Maria Ford Home Site
Welcome to the all-new Maria Ford Home Page, devoted to the ever-lovely Maria Ford.

Maria got her start in B-movies, often playing the part of the beautiful, terrorized victim, but she has also played the seductress ("Saturday Night Special"), the action hero ("Stripped for Action"), the dead girlfriend ("Mind Games") and the unhinged girlfriend ("Perfect Fit"). She has also had parts in several family films, including "Casper Meets Wendy," "The Perfect Holiday" and "Beethoven's Big Break." Maria's co-stars have included Queen Latifa, Terrence Howard, Martin Sheen, Charlie Sheen, Michael York, Chris O'Donnel, Drew Carey, Amy Brenneman, Faith Ford, Tyne Daly, Scott Bakula, Robin Givens, Tim Curry and Daryl Hannah.

When I started this fan site, I never imagined that I would ever hear from Maria Ford herself, let alone her photographers, directors and close friends! Yet somehow over the years I have become a part of her life through this web site that I started because there was just something about Maria that made her more than just another pretty, sexy actress. To every role she plays, she brings a sweet quality that must come from inside. Until recently I had a guestbook that had been signed by fans from all over the world (Jakarta, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, and Australia, to name just a few), and every message was warm and supportive.

Unfortunately, it takes very little to damage a person's career. Maria has been hurt by incorrect user-submitted information on the Internet Movie Date Base web site regarding her birth year/place. I hope potential directors reading this will look at how much Maria has to offer and not be influenced by sites like IMDB that aren't always reliable.

By the way, there is a highly suspect "Celebrity Deathwatch" site I only just heard about which has completely fabricated information about Maria Ford. Please ignore it, as it is entirely inaccurate!

Maria Ford