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SAB March 2002 Stanton Anderson Band

March 11, 2002

The evening of March 2, 2002 was chilly and rainy, but inside Mulcahy’s in Wantagh, the temperature was on the rise. The Stanton Anderson Band was all duded up for Saturday night and ready to bust loose on another leg of the “Old New Borrowed and Blue Tour.”

The band kicked off their almost 2-hour set with “Boys in the Band’, which began their first set on the very last night they performed together as Stanton Anderson before their 18 year pause for the cause. While standing amidst the large crowd watching the big band on the big stage at Mul’s, one could not help but conjure up memories of the glory days of the Stanton Anderson Band, especially during the classic “Annabel Lee.” Times when the band would level even the largest of clubs on Long Island, night after night.

Two tunes which are new to the ONBB repertoire debuted during this show. “Jamie’s Town” was first performed by The Tempters, a post-SAB band who counted Joe Pisciotta and Mark Fowler among its members. Another Tempters tune was the new SAB track “Don’t Get Scared.” “Drop Dead Rock” was done by a band called the Smokin’ Dopes, whose members included Mark and John Boyle of the Jim Small Band, back in the days of the Dakota Rose in Amityville. Both tunes are welcomed additions and were served up piping’ hot in the imitable Stanton style.

After a scorching rendition of “Kitty’s Back” which included the patented Linda Mackley drum solo, the band bid the Stanton faithful farewell, but the big crowd brought the band back for an encore. With “Feel Like a Fool” and “My Baby Left Me”, SAB sent the fans into the cold and rain of the March night warm and happy, and looking forward to the next stop on the ONBB Reunion Tour.

Bill D.